What is the most...(dominix pve)

what is the most rewarding (isk/hour) thing you can do with a nearly mastered (heavy/sentry t2, bs lvl5…) dominix?

please consider I have limited time to play (1-1,5h max).

thanks :slight_smile:

You dock up, buy the PLEX with real money and sell it right away. Nothing can beat that isk/hour for sure.
Or you can start doing what you LIKE to do without looking at your wallet.

wow, that’s a great piece of advice.

please, now a pertinent one :slight_smile:


Considering unique Dominix drone range bonus you can sit 100+ km from NPC and still shoot with your optimal. Pretty much all rats except guristas / caldari will not be able to hit you at that range. Final boss in serpentis 10/10 escalation will tank your drones if you are closer, than 75 km. His active tank drops to half if you are far away. So you can solo that site. Just an example.

that’s talking m8!


my understanding, though, is that is not quite easy to find.

even though I moved to null, how easily would I be able to probe that site?

If I’m not disturb by red, I can complete a sanctuary sansha site in 1 hour. This give me 30m isk bounty and 10m isk of loot and salvage.

I salvage on site using mobile tractor unit.

Sanctuary should give your Dominix 17-19 milions per tick. At very least. Tick is 20 minutes. So I believe using Dominix like this one you should be able to finish any Sanctuary in about a half of an hour.

You are right. I’m full tank and poor guns DPS. I should try your fit. I’m just a little afraid by scramb.

Hit the self-destruct option (insurance fraud for the win).

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