What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is life.

But more specfically life is the ability to change course. To break a habit. To break a cycle.

Example: Someome hurt you so you hurt someone else. That is not life. Lets discuss or not.


I think that is life, it is all part of the karmic cycle, if someone hurts me I hurt a thousand people and then I feel better about myself.

Clearly you never tried helping someone


No, that’s not for me.

You are just a deadbeat then?

Helping someone is also more rewarding than hurting someone

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I dunno, I get some pretty good rewards from hurting people.

Most important of all, I have fun and enjoy myself!

Helping is more fun and enjoyable than hurting

Have you tried helping someone? Sometimes you are actually hurting someone when you think you are helping. So that doesn’t count as helping.

If you dont know how to help you are likely just a deadbeat

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But what if everyone was helping each other? Then the purpose would be to break that cycle according to OPs logic. And that may be the case

The purpose of life is to prevent it to spread.

The environment will be fine when we â– â– â– â–  up, it heals. But even our bodies expect us to be stupid and/or unlucky. For example if you decide to stop breathing, eventually the body will make you breathe one way or the other. If you put your hand in fire, most of the time, you will feel pain which will make you stop doing a thing like that.

So it seems we are not expected to take care of ourselves or the environment but rather that we are expected not to.

Everyone is free to believe whatever they want.

They are not free from the consequences tho

I volunteer a lot (well, at least I used to before COVID, less so now).

Volunteering is what made me develop a much more radical and hardline stance against carebears in EVE.

I saw what people with real problems look like, and what they felt and had to go through. And having your 23-cent spaceship blown up in a video game just ain’t it. When I see people here complain the way they do about some form of “oppression” they’re experiencing (griefing, ganking, whatever), I just feel some kind of…raw, fundamental disgust toward those individuals. So much so that I actually view them as somewhat subhuman, to the point that I feel a sense of duty and obligation to exterminate them in the game like vermin. They cry and complain about something so trivial, because they don’t have any true hardships in real life. No sane person with real issues is going to spend so much of their lifetime lobbying for a multiplayer PvP game to be changed just because they lost to some other players. They deserve to be hurt in-game based on the way they choose to act, and I don’t feel bad about hurting them at all.

Obviously this doesn’t extend to every single player engaging in PvE content, as not every player who engages in PvE is a carebear. But these days that distinction grows ever smaller compared to EVE’s earlier years.


Worth repeating.

What if when you blow someones ship up they re-experience some feelings they also had in regards to their “real problems”?

People who can’t separate video games from reality are mentally unstable, and shouldn’t be playing video games to begin with.

You cannot separate video games from reality. The brain and the body is not that smart. It thinks its real.

You might not be intelligent, but we are.

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agree here

Well doing a job as nurse in a home for the elderly or a hospital allows someone to expirience what people with real hard troubles are. Getting some space pixel deleted in a game is no hard trouble. IT#s bothersome sure because of the game time invested yet troubling no.

It can be replaced a necrotic leg can’t in many cases.