What is the reason of special event ships?

… if you continue to pump them in the game again and again ?
Leopard was already a nice investment, now you nerfed it.

Why don’t you give everybody Guardian Vexors if we’re at it ?


That ship was a gift for continued commitment, now they are turning its value to nothing.

CCP’s way to thank its players™

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What good is a “special event” ship if they are too expensive for most people to have one or undock it?

Re-releasing limited stuff makes it more accessible and keeps the greedy speculators under control a bit by introducing uncertainty about the future supply. No one likes speculators, driving up the price just to line their pockets, right?

It’s cool there are some truly rare things like AT ships handed out as prizes, but you really shouldn’t expect stuff CCP hands out for free or drops as part of an event to never be released into the game again.


CCP took back a freakng Christmas gift, during their aurum removal… you think they care? why should they? it was given away for free…so what it converted

you think they care about a freaking shuttle? please…lol


Just as i said, CCP make sure they gifts stay worthless forever.

Leopard aren’t “worthless”. They are excellent ships to move speedily around New Eden.

They just aren’t some rock-solid investment vehicle and never were intended to be.


Was the ship statistically changed in some way that I didn’t notice?

What happened to the leopard? I have 2 of them and they both look to be in the same factory shape they came in.

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They are until you fall asleep at the helm. :frowning:

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“They just aren’t some rock-solid investment vehicle and never were intended to be.”

You thought much about this ? Or did you just find a list of what we should invest in eve ?

“special edition” == “limited edition”, “collector edition”.

You’re wrong.

These are tradors risks, market isnt predictable to full extend. Especially if CCP acts like divine being, bringing catastrophic plenty.

I’d take the Guardian Vexor, but the shuttle is really just a cross-hair on everybody’s back. It will get shot before any other shuttle and I’m not going to use it. 20 AU/s is nice, but I can also just use an interceptor as my shuttle.

Personally I would have liked to receive a 1 run BPC for the Republic Fleet Firetail or the Vigil Fleet Issue.

A 1 run BPC wouldn’t upset the market very much and it’s something a majority of players could use.

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Leopards were never meant to be a one time thing. Everyone in game got one, which suggests it’s the same as the gnosis: periodic release.

If you thought that holding them forever was a good idea I’d suggest you go sell your geckos right now.

Limited and special edition are quite different. Not just in Eve but everywhere.
Limited means only a specific number will be released. such as a signed book. Or perhaps a pre release founders edition.
Special just means it’s not always available for purchase. but can be rereleased whenever the holders feel like it.

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The point of all ships is for exploding them.


The items offered in the special edition ( articles, gifts, etc ) are not repeatable. Not just in eve but everywhere.

EDIT : actually obviously in eve are repeatable. As someone here already said, its CCP’s trademarked way to thank its players.

Just as the last Christmas/New Years gifts. Oh right, there werent any.

On second thought, when CCP is giving out a 20 AU/s shuttle as event gift, then they might as well give all shuttles 20 AU/s. We all would spend less time in warp. What a great gift that would be?!

Sure. often they aren’t sold elsewhere. But you can often buy the special edition later on. Which means it’s not limited.
Also means they have the option of releasing the items later. If they call them limited they don’t.