What is the worst system you have ever been to?


as we go about our journey in EVE Online, sooner or later we wind up taking a corner we may wish we didn’t.

Be it because of a personal experience, or maybe because the system itself is just a terrible place to be - from null, low or high sec, let’s hear your story on the most awful one you had to deal with.
I’m really excited for this one!

With worldly regards
-James Fuchs

J115405, aka Rage. Except I never got in for the fight.
I was in a Lazerhawks rage roll fleet for over 30 hours trying to get in to help Hard Knocks defend against the null blob invasion.
The fleet connected within a couple rolls of me logging off.
I was still in a rolling fleet when the writing was on the wall and HK called off the cavalry.

Uedama : 539913 ships destroyed Probably even more, it’s a high-sec system that hosts pirates!

A system that has far too much traffic to become the choke point of Highsec.

We are funnelled into such system to run the gauntlet of ship scanning, drooling cargo thieving pirates.


Jita. “You’ll never find a greater hive of scum and villainy…” etc.

EVE has a tendency to attract some unpleasant types, and Jita gives them the biggest audience to be unpleasant to.

I’ll happily pay 10% more somewhere else just to avoid dropping by.


M-OEE8, at least back in the olden days.

It was chaotic. As a highsec to null border system, it was constantly filled with “1337 pvp”-ers looking for cheap kills on one side, and F1 nullsec monkeys who were ignoring constant reminders in alliance coms NOT to get involved in M-O “pvp” on the other side. Both sides had no clue what they were doing, but there was a lot of killmails, often hilarious. The local was often filled with low-quality trolling and/or mentioning family members of the opposite side in various fornication scenarios.

I had seen this topic last night before bed and thought that I couldn’t think of a system that was ‘the worst’, but you’re right. If there was one system I did not want to visit, it was Jita. I liked Dodixie (before its decline), though. A lesser hive of scum and villainy I could get to know. Got scammed, bought stuff, had some laughs at my own expense. I do like a bit of duplicity and caveat emptor even if I am the one falling for it, but at Jita scale it’s all too impersonal.

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Yup… it’s Jita. Although some of the brighter sky-boxed systems are also rather unpleasant (I would love to be able to toggle over to just a plain old starfield background so I could switch depending which I fancied at the time).


Oh odious, miserable ■■■■■■■ toilet.
Take your in-gate → load grid → feel yout IQ drop by about 50 points.

Otomainen, some mean people exploited their game knowledge to steal my COSMOS items.

misaba dont even think about docking there