What is this site? How to get the loot?

I scanned down this data site today, and I got instantly killed by this sentry turret thing. According to the people I asked, some say its ghost site, some say its drifter, sleeper, and others say its Edencom and ESS or something.

So I see that there are rings around the sentries, so is it possible for me to fly around the sentries and get to the data cache? also why are there an acceleration gate? the ship I fly is a magnate btw. Thx.

“ESS” is the winner. It is a CONCORD site. It is mixed combat and hacking. It is meant for a group of people to run it. The reward is a Reserve ESS Key.

Here is an example of a person running it:

okay thx a lot for the video, I get it now. so its not possible to run in a solo frigate? what about with a battlecruiser? for example drake? is it possible?

I know very little about these sites myself, I just know of them.

Definitely not.

I don’t know, sorry. You can try running them on the test server (Singularity) if you want to test. Or grab 2 friends and see if y’all can come up with something together.

Take a look at the video. A pimped Marauder-class ship (that costs like 3.5-4 bils btw) with boosters and Crystal implants has a hard time in the second room. A Drake would be vaporized there in like 10 seconds.

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oh haha it took me a while to figure out what ship it was. so, you need a few billions of capital to begin with? how much would u earn then? can’t I just avoid all the enemies like his Atron did? or go super fast to negate the dmg? can I use bait ships or sensor dampen the sentries? what about other EWAR?

I am just really poor and can’t pull out anything that worths more than 100M

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