What is this?

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Hello all,

was traveling toward highsec a few minutes ago, and i saw this structure aprox 50-100 km off the gate in Ishomilken.
Is this normal, or i missed some kind of info about it. The structure is non clickable.

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Derelict station ruins?

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Interesting. 50-100km off gate though, that is unusual.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a lore background to this; not too well versed in that part of the game though. Might try in the RP forum.

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This blog post from 2012 mentions a “ruined station” in Ishomilken. But the image looks different. Was the one you saw also near the gate to Usi? Maybe the same thing, with redone graphics.

I heard once in Haulers or Hauling chat channel that somewhere in that area there’s a wrecked station by a gate, and it acts as a barrier. The wreck sits directly on the warp line to another gate in the system. Ships coming through the gate can’t warp through the ruined station, they have to navigate around it, then warp. So that sounds like CCP intentionally put the object there, maybe to add some “terrain” variety to the game. Maybe that Ishomilken object is the wrecked station the hauler guys were talking about?

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the image preview is the same station design but from a different angle. Also it is possible there has been a slight change graphically since then.

A few gates have random clouds or stations off them, and in the cosmos areas a few have agents or hostile NPCs around

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It’s a Templar, an Amarr fighter used by carriers.

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That derelict station can be linked to some players activity from the past, like the derelicts of Steve the Titan, B-R5RB “The Titanomachy” and other.

The DEVs should know…

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