What is with the GM support?

There is absolutely ZERO GM support lately, what is the holdup? And when you do get a GM they give you useless information to really critical problems.

Discussing here about support and they decisions will get you nowhere. Unless you just want to whine…

And depending on case. Sometimes they take weeks or more to process. There also seams to be this new “chat” feature on new support page. Didn’t use it but maybe you can get someone attention. If you are not satisficed with GM response, you can always ask to escalate it to senior GM for review.

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Weeks really

you should use Linux, then you will see what no support looks like

The ticketing system gives these options

“Linux (not supported)”

Guess what we pick? yes, “Other” (well it’s true, it’s my own distro and Linux is NOT a distro :slight_smile: it’s a kernel, and wine/proton is not Linux is it, it’s “other”, and there is no native Linux client anyway, even though QT is cross platform).

“Other” is apparently supported (it doesn’t say “not supported”)

Loophole :slight_smile:

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This is about having a bugged out character and getting no response for 3 days.

whats wrong with the char? is it portrait related or something related from latest patch?