What non space thing did you do today?

Bad faith; the crux of political virtue signalling. Get a drink to accompany that bitter folly, son.

This is what I love about you Arrendis!

Accurate, logical, and a sense of humor.

Of course I know you are not a proponent of CODE. Or Aiko. You’ve been outspoken against them as long as I can remember.

You’re right. Code is not dead. It’s mostly dead. Or on life-support. Or just some diehards unwilling to let it go. Whatever the case, they are a shell of their former selves. Actually kinda sad to be honest.

But I enjoy bouncing words, logical/anti-logical discussions with you. Far more interesting conversations than certain emotionally driven individuals.

Besides, your cake was delicious. Really should think about starting up a business. I’d invest into it.

And you are?

Wouldn’t the crux of political virtue signaling be, like, longing for acceptance/approval paired with fear of being left out/misunderstood/marginalized? It’s classic in-group identity behavior, like wearing certain symbolic colors or waving a certain flag. “See, I’m one of you! I’m one of the good ones!”

Not seeing a lot of need for bad faith, just maybe a faint whiff of human frailty.


Today I witnessed a sadly self-absorbed Civire blunder into and abuse yet another IGS comms chain when the mindful observe that there are plenty of political forums to bluster noxious gas in at the moment.

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I have started to settle into a routine in my new home. Upon rising I will go to my dojo and exercise. Then I take a bath/swim in the waters of my garden. Afterwards I will have some tea and then put on my work clothes, and I am off to work at The Nocturne. When my shift ends, I will have dinner there, or at another place. After that I return to my home and meditate, followed by a long run in my garden or some more exercise, followed by another bath. Finally, I will spend some time on hobbies or sometimes I will visit or be visited by a friend, and then a quick wash before I go to bed.