What non space thing did you do today?

My daughter invited me to one of the finest wellness resorts in the cluster as a mother’s day gift to me. It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.


You should have made them all rip each other off untill they were broke.

I had the party of Thieves encounter a Mimic. It went hilariously (for me).

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Quality time with my granddaughter. Always top priority.

Also fiddled with the fuel and timing map for my bike. Looking forward to a long road trip with my son.

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Hoverbiked in a forest under two full moons. Paused in a field of spring flowers and observed the beauty of the systems nebula and star sky.


Shared lyrics of personal relevance with a colleague over a glass of Halo. A welcome, albeit temporary, departure from responsibility.

Tried to share River’s enthusiasm about warp fields and ships schematics.
I’m sure my momentary attention lapses will come to haunt me.

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Gambling. It’s uh… worked out quite well for me lately.

I won a Pontifex! Such a neat little ship. Don’t see nearly as many as I feel I should.

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Today I’ve spent 10 hours training Unarmed Combat.
So when I face a Gallentean in person, I can kill them even barehanded.


I milked the teat of a female Caldari Black Whale named Sumina. I had never tasted the offerings of cetacean milk before but it’s remarkably rich and creamy on the palette.

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You have an interesting set of hobbies.

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I don’t try to limit where my imagination can take me.

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Today I am attending a court case as an expert witness.

This comes as a surprise, and I have no idea what it is about.

Fed 2 Cats, one large male and one small female

Got yelled at by my alarm until I drank a lot of water, took a lot of stimulants and painkillers, and got the hell out of bed.

Wandered (and am continuing to wander) a Matari astrahus!

… which, so far, is mostly just “an astrahus.” Even if they combine tech from all the empires and probably beyond, they all have that vaguely Caldari design aesthetic you know?

The people-watching’s been mighty interesting, but I feel like I should have a sort of cultural interpreter along to help me understand the stuff I’m seeing.


I learned you can freeze dry fish in an airlock. Now I’ll be able to make chowder whenever I want without having to worry about keeping the fish frozen.

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Turns out, I was someone’s surprise witness in a murder trial, and I was needed to give my opinion on the authenticity of a Takmahl artifact that was at the centre of the case.

I broke my nail in a painful way while peeling potatoes, now it looks like two vampiric fangs with a half moon of flesh in the middle.

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Non-space thing I did today: a cubic ■■■■-ton of Alliance operational paperwork.


((Number of kybernauts) x (avg. number of personality disorders per capita)) x (D^2 + Y) = Paperwork m^3

…where D = a constant representing the number of conflict-generating circumstances involving territorial, diplomatic, trade and mining disputes; and

…where Y = the likelihood that it is a day of the week ending in the letter “y.”

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