What´s new?

I have been out of the game for almost 10 years. Im a bit curius on what have changed and how to get back in a proper way.

What big changes have been released lately?
What would you inform a new player today that they “must” know?

I am looking into trading again and not sure what “new” stuff are released?

Is suecide killings still a thing in High Sec?
How to protect freighters and haulers from those attacks today?

Changes since 2014: https://updates.eveonline.com/
Reference to current game: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Main_Page

After 10 years you should probably assume most things have changed!

Yes suicide ganking is still a thing. The best defense is make yourself an unattractive target. While some people gank for sport, most are hoping for profit so fit for tank (i.e. bulkheads in your freighter) and keep your cargo value reasonable. 1 billion is considered safe for a freighter.


Yeah, lots of changes across lots of activities. Fortunately, the market works exactly the same way.
Meh. I was this close to leaving a troll response.

There have been too many changes to go through them all. However, reading the following two dev blogs will probably save you a lot frustration.

Also, there are various strategies for safe hauling. If you’re going to use freighters or DST’s, however, you should ensure that your buffer tank is strong enough that the cost of the ships required to gank you exceeds the value of your potential loot drop. If needed, split your cargo across multiple haulers or multiple trips. And if you are exceeding recommended cargo value limits for your tank size, you should definitely scout your route and/or use intel tools to see where gankers might be active (i.e. in-game map or Eve Gatecamp Check). Don’t think that just because it would take 35 cats, or whatever, to gank you that you’ll be safe. You might be okay today, but gankers do sometimes form large ganking fleets. And they will specifically form up to hunt you if you make it worthwhile to do so. Also, don’t autopilot.

Also, freighters might be getting a buff to HP, but that won’t happen for at least a few days after the surgical stike patch hits.

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