What ship should I mass-produce

my budget to start is only 20 mill so what should I produce to get profit because last time I did this with light missiles I found out I will not make any isk. that has a blueprint



You can always mass produce Catalysts and sell them to gankers…


20mil will get you about half the mats needed to start making something. If you don’t do your research then you’ll be making at a loss. You need about a bil to really do stuff and experiment.

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As a solo industrialist like by the sound of it you are too, forget ships. Most are not profitable or the time for a batch to sell takes a long time. I think most ships are made in null where corps have their own structures and such. Take a look at components for a start. Also check out this guys channel:

He has a lot of info regarding industry.


OK, the go to tool for this:

If you go down the ship building route then you’ll find the margins, if any, are horribly thin because you’ll be competing against people that thing “what I mine is free” and are using it for less value than they could get just selling it on the market.

You can make a steady living from “buy, manufacture, sell” - I bootstrapped myself that way. You want to go for items with a modest profit, but high turnover - then you can re-cycle your ISK very quickly rather than leaving it tied up in items on the market for a long time.

Most items you’ll make go through cycles of profitability - the trick is to spot them as they become profitable before all the others doing the same thing spot them. This comes with experience I’m afraid. That Light Missile Blueprint (you did research ME to 10 on it didn’t you??) will come in useful.

The different markets tend to favour different products - Amarr tends to be better for selling armour and Amarrian related stuff than for shield kit and non-Amarrian weapons. Understand the market.

As a hint: consumables, missiles, ammunition, drones. Modules where there aren’t Meta equivalents - for example, why would anyone buy a “Small Armor Repairer I” when the “Small ACM Compact Armor Repairer” is both better and often cheaper?

With a 20 million IsK budget you want cheap, high turnover products with a good margin.

15-20% profit margin net of taxes is where i would try to stay. There are usually several items in the ammo or module categories at any time that fit the bill.

I grew my capital from 50 million to 50 billion over a six month period doing “buy, manufacture, sell” when i was fairly new.

You have to love spreadsheets and use some tools, but i had a blast doing it.


Honestly, unless you like or gain satisfaction from building ships and other stuff, do not throw isk away without first doing the math yourself.
Start here:

And if you think you understand how it works, assume you’re wrong and start with cheap BPOs like ammo and try to scale that up. Understand why it doesn’t scale infinitely, what supply and sell issues you hit. Try to sell it on other markets, etc. Before spending a lot of isk (for you). After ammo, try the same with modules, they sell a bit differently then ammo, ships are even more difficult to sell for a (good) profit.

Understand the (local) market where you’re selling, what are people doing, what do they need, etc.

This. I should have mentioned it.
Don’t start at Jita - it is going to be full of experienced and skilled players doing exactly what you are trying to join them in doing. The margins are going to be thin and the competition agressive.

I started at Hek with the occasional visit to Rens - both are “quiet but OK markets” that have times of scarcity (which is when you make serious ISK - if you are the only person providing X, then you can charge a much higher price until others start to join in). I moved to Amarr and have found the market there to be about the right size for me.
And all those that whine about the “it’s now a long way from Jita” and “scarcity” weren’t playing the same game I was. I made a killing on scarcity. The good days!

And that.

Use this application for helping answer your question.


If you have very little money rockets :] and t2 rockets that you invent yourself.

If you need some free fully / highly researched blueprint copies look up my related giveaway thread for the details through my profile. You can request a set of blueprints of your choice from the ones available each month so should be a good starter for small scale operations, should help you save on the bpc costs.

I am thinking you are a new player.
To build ships you will need a way bigger investment then 20mil, i am talking 1bil+

Dont start with ships, start with small things and work your way up to ships. get a hang of producing components first before going for building ships.
The community is not able to tell you (also wont) which item/ship to mass produce because the market is ever changing, so you must crank the numbers yourself and then hope you get in on it in time as many other indy players will see the same. Keep in mind that your skills also have a large impact on how much profit you can make with the end product

My experience is: When i started the game (again) i already knew i was going to be mostly industry oriented i quickly found out that i do enjoy gathering the materials myself for the most part, i decided to build an orca from start to finish just to experience how it is to solo build a “capital” ship. I invested over a billion in infrastructure, bpo’s and bpc’s, researching and ships alone, just to set it all up, then i still need to gather resources and build it. All in all though it took me almost 1.5 years to complete it. i was doing other things aside for income so was not completely dedicated to it, i also made a mistake with a reaction job so had to do it all over again and the industry changes happened while i was doing all that so that also set me back a bit.

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