What star is this

What is this bright star 25° To the east from the North. (north=Golden line on the tactical overview) I am in Urhinichi this is trig space, i never swa this star before its kinda weird

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edit there is another one in the East East South Brighthness is changing for some reason

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More likely than not they’re the stars that system used to be connected too, check the disrupted gates in system, more likely than not those are them.

Stars located in the accessible cluster twinkle in the skybox. That’s absolutely normal. Furthermore, the apparent size of the stars in the skybox depends on the proximity to your current location. What you are looking at is the perfectly healthy star of Sirppala (it’s a golden star very closeby), and the second picture is Inaro (a pink star very close-by). It could also be Inari (a yellow star a bit further away but still very close). Congratulations, you found out about stellar astrography. Now, please don’t be alarmed by the even brighter star in the sky when you go to Ignoitton…


What he said, it seems to be that way last I checked.

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