What the heck is this thing crawling in stations?

Found this little robot thingy moving around the station I’m docked in. What is it? Is it only in Minmatar stations?

Here’s a couple of other things not in stations last time I played-which was 1 or 2 days ago, making them very new.

The news feed hasn’t been updated since the 13th, so I have no idea what’s going on. Please explain.


Another detail is that there’s an Angel Cartel insurgency at Level 1 corruption and Level 4 suppression in the system, which might be spawning these.

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I’m not sure of the scale of what’s in your image but the little robot things with the blue and red lights and a headlight in front have been in stations for some time. You occasionally even see one of them doing some welding or something like that. Maybe there’s a bigger version now that is more obvious to see.

Here’s a less cropped image that should hopefully show how big they are.

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It’s the Fedo Undergrond Network “FUN” in action.

It’s purpose is known only unto the ccp gods.

I’m Minmatar and I’ve never seen those before…

Guess I should probably do various views of my ship when docked instead of the usual side view… :wink:

I figured out what they are after more research. They’re cop machines that appear as Suppression goes up during insurgencies.


Those are police “bobs” you see them around gates as well. They show up with Suppression, where Corruption shows graffiti and posters. It’s been in the game since Havoc came out…and can be in any station environment.



That’s a much better explanation than the one I made.