What things I can do logging once a day?

Besides claim daily rewards

Planetary interaction, research/invention, updating market orders.

Gank people, scam people.

PVP a bit in faction warfare.

You are asking a very open ended question. If you don’t want to do any of that, run a couple of missions.

You can play EVE Online once a day.
You can say something in local once a day.
You can undock once a day.
You can dock back up once a day.
You can spin your ship once a day.
You can open up the market once a day.
You can run an indy job once a day.
You can log out of EVE Online once a day.

Iono, fam. You need to give us some more specifics if you want any meaningful answers.

Run one abyss filament a day.
Check Market orders.
Build ships and modules, check queues and inventions.
Mine your daily dose of Veldspar.
Kill rats.
Fit a new ship.
Fly a new ship.
Destroy your new ship.


We can’t tell you how to play your sandbox.

If you don’t know what is fun for you to do in EVE. You must reconsider your goals in game.

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In the week I’m playing in the evening a few hours, to give you an example, yesterday I did

  • Patrol my home systems in Perimeter etal. looking for yellow flashies … no luck this time, only some salty comments from gankers
  • Started a new job of shuttle production (I do need a lot of shuttles, never flown back)
  • Jump to Thera, killed a Gnosis in my Sabre
  • Travel further to my Drekavac, and ran two Production sites (~100M loot)
  • Travel back to Perimeter, sold loot, chat a bit, theorycrafted a new tackle Tengu, …
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