What to do after AIR Academy?

Just finished the AIR Academy last night. I think it was 5 agents total, each having 10 missions or so. People are saying to finish the agent missions, but I’m a bit confused because I’m seeing two different types of agent missions.
One type, are the ones that are apart of the same circle as the AIR Academy missions. The say things like “earn 50k from the market”, or “salvage xyz amount of scraps from shipwrecks”.
The other type of agent missions I see, are the ones where you seek out an agent, warp to them and do things like provide security, go deliver documents etc.
To me, it seems like the first kind, would passively tally up in the background as you do other things, or am I actually supposed to go out and find random shipwrecks?
Finally, when is an appropriate time to do the epic arc quest that others have mentioned? Thanks.

I assume they mean the career agents: Career Agents - EVE University Wiki

Though it was many years ago I’ve interacted with them so not sure if the new AIR academy has actually replaced those or if they are still available and if still accessible if they teach anything new, still even just for a bit of practice and some free stuff they are worth doing. (Hopefully CCP did not break them though support / GMs should be able to help with them if they are broken… I guess.)

Another usual suggestion after them which the career agents / Aura also recommend is the SoE epic arc: The Blood-Stained Stars - EVE University Wiki

Which is also a good way to learn about the game if you are into PvE / mission running. Though it is quite long and involves a lot of travel so might be a tedious undertaking, but can feel as an accomplishment still if such is your kind of thing. It is not necessary but generally good advice to complete if you are new… or even later on to grab some faction standings. It can be repeated every three months after completion or cancellation (90 days) if I recall correctly.

Okay, it sounds like you did the career agent missions. Those were the 5 agents with 10 missions a piece. The Career program tasks are the things like “earn 50k from the market”. Anyway, they might have changed the names of the agents (i.e. Career Agents–> Air Academy), which might be the source of the confusion.

Regardless, the SoE Epic arc is a good next step (which Uriel Linked), followed by the Career Program Tasks. Hopefully, going through those will help you find stuff that you’re interested in doing, because after that, there are no more guide rails. It will be up to you to set your own goals.

This link is to an absolute butt ton of resources. You do not need to go through all of it (especially if you prefer to learn by doing). However, I wanted to link it just in case.

Also, welcome to Eve \o/

Do the Liberation Day data hacks to build up your isk.

Hey thanks for the response. I just realized that I didn’t mention my intentions with the game. Im not driven by isk, I just want enough to do the things I want to do, which is group pvp.
I’m a long time wow player and am over the magic/dragons thing. When researching a new game to get into, I saw some videos of eves large scale battles and thought it looked fun.
In wow, you could make just enough gold to keep your stats and gear current from doing only PVP stuff and I was hoping that I can make enough isk, from doing only PVP stuff in this game.
Right now I’m just running level one missions because I’m not sure where to take the next step.
rookie chat has been very helpful for things like finding your maps, hotkeys etc, But when I ask what the next step is, I get 50 different answers

Okay, it definitely sounds like you’d be interesting in joining a newbro friendly nullbloc like Pandemic Horde or Brave Newbies. They get into large fights, and they have benefits that make it possible to pay for your PvP through PvP (i.e. ship handouts, ship replacement programs, and, depending on FC, they’ll give you opportunities to loot the field after battles). Naturally, not all losses are eligible for reimbursement, and it helps to have some money in you wallet so you don’t have to wait for SRP payouts before buying new ships, but they certainly make self-sufficient PvP a lot easier.

And they have other good stuff going for them as well, such as SIG’s (special interest groups) that get into different PvP and PvE activities, opportunities to take on greater responsibilities in and out of fleets, and good corp cultures (at least the previously mentioned groups do, can’t speak for others).

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How would I go about joining a noob friendly nullbloc? Currently I have 32mil isk (potentially less since I got a build for a punisher in rookie chat, that I’m told would be about 7mil isk)

Post your interest in English Recruitment game channel or look up the alliances to see if they list their public channels in some description.

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Thanks I’ll definitely check it out!

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