What to do with 4 char slots

Currently got 4 extra character slots, that i’m thinking to try and make money with. They’re all alpha and I have no idea what to with them. Any suggestions?

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Well, each account has 3 character slots.


So basically you have 2 Alpha accounts with 2 empty character slots available on each account, right?

I was gonna tell you to do PI, but if they’re alpha I dunno: play the market?
Fac war? Suicide ganking?


Forum alts at least


Yes, you’re right

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The easiest way is to make SP farm.

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Upgrading to Omega is the first step. Then its a lot of options, basically if you like to do something, make it on all chars and be good at it.

Then its a lot of ISKs coming to you. And you can be proud of your EVE cash sources.


Train them into gilas or vnis

Not point for that, can’t multibox and one is already flying a VNI

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And break the eula, risking to get banned… great idea!
Actually, you should get something for even suggesting it…

You can train them then sell them. You regularly see VNI toons going for a pretty sum in the character bazar. Or just 5m SP toons to be turned into SP farms.


Upgrade to Omega and do PI on all 3 chars per account it will pay for your omega cost’s its a bit of work but its worth it.


Isn’t skill training still limited to one character per account?

Yes, unless you buy additinal Skill Queues.
If you have a “maxed” out alpha character you are already playing on, you can just create another one and start training that, to sell or what ever. :wink:

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but yet nothing happens to those ive reported:thinking:

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You do not get any reply to what will happen to those you report, that is only between CCP and the Person reported.

You could train them into different ship types for gate camping! One tackle and one high dps ship! The other two you send to nullsec to do PI and mine when you just want to chill.

How much are you willing to spend to make them productive?

All T3Cs are roughly 1.5-2mil SP over Alpha.

Decent pirate BS to do most anything, missions, solo roam to large fleets are quite doable as Alphas these days. A decent SRP and a few isk and youre set for a while.

SP Farms are things.

PI Farms are things.

Market alts are 2-5mil over Alpha skills.

Your level of return matters more to what youve put INTO the characters than just on what you can get out of it. Figure out how CCP changes things in game and play the long game.

Remember in the final end any SP you put into your character you can get back out later beyond Alpha anyway and SP generally, like PLEX, just keeps going up.

Your toon, your baby, your friends. All investments you want to nuture, invest in the person not what they can just do for you isk wise.

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Suicide ganking.

Thanks to all the people who made the effort to put serious suggestions, and ISD for the post hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking I’ll reserve one for sneeki wormhole shenanigans, one for SP farm to sell at character bazaar. For the other two slots I might explore a bit. I might take a look at suicide ganking however I’m not too sure how to do it properly and if I’ll actually make a bit of buck from it.

Regarding SP farm, how much would people pay for a 2m char or so? I’m guessing about up to a bil?