What to do with 60mil isk

I have saved 60mil isk
Enough for a BC but I don’t really want to give all my money to a ship
What should i do to spend it wisely
Enlighten me fellow capsuleer

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If 60 mil is all you have, don’t spend it all on a ship. The reason is, you wouldn’t even be able to outfit or insure the ship, and without insurance you could therefore lose your entire nest egg.

A couple of ideas:

  1. Try to figure out how to turn the 60 mil into more money. For instance, trying to buy stuff low somewhere (minerals, ships, modules, whatever), and selling high somewhere else.

  2. Continue to save until you can get the ship you want, plus comfortably insure and outfit it the way you want.

How are you currently making money? Are you running combat missions? Is that why you want a BC? If so, that’s understandable and reasonable because you would be investing in something to upgrade your ISK-making potential. However, if you are making ISK some other way, perhaps you should invest in a way to upgrade THAT way of making ISK (assuming you are happy to continue doing that).


My local ice can be bought at 238 k per unit and sold (guaranteed price), within 12 jumps, at 309 k.

60 mil would buy you 252 units. Such a contract would get filled inside 2 (?) hours. Profit would then be 30%, making you 17.8 mil inside 24 hours. Rinse and repeat.


I do exploration most of the time
Mostly living in wh

Keep exploring and build up more ISK.

Keep saving.

You can continue down the wormhole theme with graduating up to running the combat sites, skilling into the ships necessary to do so. Note that it will increase your risk - you WILL be ganked by wormholers.

You can also continue with the exploration theme, but you’ll need bigger, better, more expensive ships for that as well. I think the really lucrative sites are guarded by sleepers, so you’ll have to fight them before you can hack the containers. Alternatively you have to be able to tank the sleepers while you hack the containers.

Base on my knowledge sleeper site tend to have less yeld than pirate site right?
I’ve saw many people that can live stable in wh
How did they do that? Where did they store their loot? How do they sell them?
If I know how to make a steady life in wh is that mean my isk would raise?

An expert wormbro might need to chime in here and correct me, but from what I think I know, higher and higher ranked sleeper sites should have more and more yield. Can anyone confirm?

People who live stable in wormholes are probably in wormhole corps, and store their loot in stations that they construct inside the wormholes they are living in.

I’ll message you in-game.

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Give half of it to me, I will double it.


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I am a smol cute lamb too. You can have 90 M or you can have 60M, the choice is yours. :grin:


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By giving you back double what you give me. Such is this rule.


Yes I shall give you 30mil when I get my first 1bil
Thank you my fellow smol lamb

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But giving it now will make it a lot easier to get to 1 B. Just think of possibilities, and you can trust me. :sunglasses:

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