What to do with bad Abyssal rolls?

Rightclick Trash ?
Mass Sell on contract for cheaps ?

What do ?

CCP mentioned a while back (I think I heard it on a podcast) that they were thinking about introducing some sort of reprocessing for bricked mods. You wouldn’t get the mods back, but you’d be able to recoup a portion of the loss by getting some sort of resource. But, I haven’t heard anything since then. So who knows.

I’ve got a couple of containers filled with bricked mods. Don’t know if they’ll ever have any value, but it doesn’t hurt me to keep them. If you’re just going to throw them away, however, contract them over to me, and I’ll let them collect dust in my hangar.

Sell them in bulk or use them in jetcans as bait

If you’re selling the good ones high enough that covers your bricks