What to expect / how to prepare for Crimson Harvest?

I realize events with the same name can change year to year, but I have never done Crimson Harvest, which I believe I read is coming up next. (Unless I was reading an old post.)

While it mentions mining a new special mineral to build accelerators, and implies possible combat against NPCs, it really doesn’t mention more than that.

What class / types of ships and equipment should I be prepared to have on hand? Do rewards tend to increase in Low / Null / WH ? Like, do I need to be prepared to fit a ship that can both effectively mine and fend off against moderate NPCs? Has CCP done an event like this where accelerators aren’t directly awarded, but given in BPs ? Curious how that affects supply if it’s been done before.

Curious any details folks can share from the past versions of the event. Thanks!

A mining permit.


hope it as good as guardian gala and hope the rats have special anti gila weaponry for fun

This is the correct answer


A mining permit.
This is the correct answer

So I would guess from this that a) it tends to be a mining-based event, and b) folks like CODE show up and gank the crap out of everyone participating?

Not if you have a mining permit…

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CODE are forum warriors and (with a little common sense) can be safely ignored in game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Just buy a gila for the win in any of these events.

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CODE are scammers … Nothing else

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This is the confirmation of the correct answer.

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Only if you dont follow the code. Then you will feel like you got scammed. In reality though, you scammed the code.

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A mining permit is good for everything, not just mining.

Forget about previous versions, it’s an all new event with new layout and gameplay. Don’t be lazy and hop over to SiSi and try yourself. The sites seem to be the same in all sec areas.

There is a number of things I’d like to check on Sisi, unfortunately just don’t have enough time these days, don’t even have enough to finish what I started for my regular gameplay on TQ.

If you have, would you mind giving us a TLDR of what is going on with it ? Is the event mining based ? Cause if so I guess I’ll be out of it anyways as I hate mining and just completely don’t do it in this game.

There are two sites, one for miners, one for combat, both have some enemies. In combat and mining sites ships drop boosters and in combat site there are skins from the boss and stuff like blueprints. Boss is actually far away inside invulnerable shield and you have to destroy shield generators first while other ships web you.

that sounds very familiar… I did a DED arc in Highsec a while ago, the rats were of the Dark Blood persuasion and I ended up with enough Dark Blood mods to fit a frigate - the blueprint for which dropped on one of the sites!

The accelerators drop as BPCs this time, and require a special event mineral refined from an event ore. This means you won’t be able to get accelerators without (a lot of) mining, unless you buy the stuff on the market. There are some non-mining sources (silos, rats?), but they drop only small quantities.

Don’t take anyones word for it, watch it being played on singularity

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I have a FANTASTIC idea!!! Have these “events” drop “mining permits” from time to time. Consider it free education. @Ima_Wreckyou

They already done that back in 2015

But everyone since then developed opinion what these permits are worth. :poop: