What will $50.00 worth of PLEX Reward You With?

$50.00 worth of PLEX will reward you with approx. 3-4 decently fit Tengu’s or 2 above average fit Tengu’s or 1, above the marks fit Tengu + additional ISK.

How much $$$ for Palatine Keepstar? :thinking:

Or if CCP implemented such, how much $$$ for a Dryson Sphere? :smirk:

Edit: Oh by the way $50K is rookie numbers compared to Diablo Immortal. :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :upside_down_face:

no idea about now…but when it was introduced someone went and made the calculations that year… $1,225,000 USD on plex to get ISK to buy everything in game to insta build it(well put it in production)


U$D well spent (if someone would ever do it). :sweat_smile:


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50.00 USD can also set up an Alpha Clone with a very nice T4 Abyssal Gila.

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I don’t think I even own any bills that are that small. It’s all hundreds, and anything less I leave as tips. Then there are just the quarters I keep for the laundry machine.

can i mow your lawn ?

You can try, but the Parks Department might get a bit angry.

im in
probably will be super hot
so i can roleplay matthew mcconaughey and take my shirt off
and you can bring me some ice tea…

you get the idea …


Who said you have to tip?

I would like to see someone, moan a lawn. Should be rather interesting to say the least.

$50.00 will set you up rather nicely in a T3 ESS raider that will earn you twice the 50 in a few days.

What kind of monster are you?

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The way I see it, if the waiter or waitress can’t make enough money at the table, there are other jobs they can work to compensate for their tips.

Besides, the tips hardly ever go to the cook, the real genius behind whether or not I like the food or develop Monkeypox from eating the food.


$50.00 can also get you set up with a nice C3 or C4 solo site runner.

Yeah, whatever you say Mr. Pink.

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@DrysonBennington ganked his local Denny’s…

…but without waitresses, how will you get your food?


ohhhhh… mow the lawn … english is kinda hard :rofl:

yeah yeah
world smallest violin and stuff
you monster

Just like Hannibal proved, bow your front line, drop the center back and curl the flanks around them in a big Bro hug. No, I actually do tip. Depends on how sexy the waitress is, that’s why I only eat super foods and smoothies, lol.

Finally pulled Aiko from her hidden slumber, nice.

$50.00 can get you a nice citadel set up as well.

Amarr’s Laundry service is Cheep considering it has to wash all Jita’s “Dirty Cash” :basket:

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