What will happen if Jita becomes low sec?

Once upon a time there was a one market to rule them all, Yulai. CCP deliberately killed it by breaking connections to other regions. What if history will be repeated? Right now all large null blocks trade in Jita. Not only Dodixie, but now also Amarr becomes less of importance, having about 1/3 orders of Jita/Perimeter market.

What will happen if Jita and Perimeter will become low sec? Will that move become a content creator or it will just break eve ecomnomy and lead to decrease of population? Many players tend to choose own ‘home’ system. If Jita is not the one and only market any more, will those player start to rebuild high sec self-sufficient islands, supplied from nearest low / null regions. Or every one will just move to Amarr to see it gone few years later?

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Then perimeter will be the new jita. Nothing will change

History will be repeated: the old market will be abandoned and a new one will become dominant. In high-sec.

The main trading hub for the general public will always be in high-sec, for obvious reasons. A sort of “neutral” territory that no player group can take control of.

One thing this kind of change won’t do is force the trade hub into low/null sec and see a massive increase in trader deaths. Perhaps there may be a few days of carnage while the change filtered through to the more dense players, but that wouldn’t last long.


Dev would be called out for making silly short sighed decisions by a petulant player base.


Most likely and such a move could be convenient to those holding sov in the south.

I hadn’t heard that about Yulai. Why did CCP deliberately break it as a market hub? An around when was that?

I don’t know about that…CODE have been telling miners for years to get a permit and still they continue to break the New Halaima code of conduct and get themselves killed since 2012.

They are a thick bunch of folk.

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