What would the implication be of adding this feature?

Right now we all know it’s only possible to warp to a ship that is not occupied or has a fleet member inside, why should this be the case?

I was trying to comprehend what would happen if we were given a warp to a member of our own corporation option or even alliance member.

NPC corps would become much more actively connected for starters when seeing each other in local.

But it would also help DC’s in null and genral gameplay when playing in the same systems.

We have the abilty to generate bookmarks so I don’t see how it would damage gameplay other than make it easier and faster to get to place to place.

Anyone with counter intel on why this would be bad, what’s your input?

The more i think about it the more it seems to be an iinstinctive evolution for the game to take.

I too would like to get warp-in without having to probe or dscan

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as long as it’s they are friendly I don’t see the harm, standings warp in probably a step too far, politics :slight_smile:

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What if they are just a neutral warp-in for someone less friendly though. You could fleet up with an alt, warp to one of your corpmates using this feature, and then act as a free warp-in for your hostile alt.

I like it!


Are you suggesting CCP allow corp members to fleet warp neuts to their fellow corp mates! :smiley:

I like it as much as it’s a friendly fire sscenario!


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Oooooh, I hadn’t even thought of a fleet warp! CCP please add this.

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I’d be far too concerned with an awox. As it stands, if you don’t trust “stuff”, you can just stay out of the resident standing fleet and you’re free and clear until the combat probes come out.

This would require that you have your own separate corp/alliance for super pilots.

Were it possible for the pilots to flag themselves exempt from being the target of a fleet warp (“turn off the beacon”, so to speak) then fine. But as it stands a pilot would have no way of protecting themselves from an awox.


What are you worried about? There are spys in your corp? Surely this would be a good thing then, a way of bring them out so you can kill them off, a single KM to kill a spy off is a good thing in my opinion. Spys are bad news for everyone, your nice safe move op get’s a hot drop and everyone looses billions of assest in a moment but no you’re more concerned about your little ratting ship OK! That’s fine!

How would highsec suicide gankers take advantage of this?

Wrong question. The question would be What high sec suicide ganker wouldn’t take advantage of this?

I was trying not to spoonfeed the OP, but, exactly.

Player corp/alliance yes.
Npc corp no.


Okay, I’ll roll alts and you feed me supers. Good trade, right? Don’t feel too good about outing the one spy, where there was one there will be two (or three).

I don’t think it differs too much from a normal undock gank or on a gate. The fact is ganking isn’t so common or going to stop reguardless of this feature, that it would make for a big issue. Most highsec attacks on NPC ships fail due to concord intervention anyhow.

I would say this would increase intresting game play not make it worse.

I’m taking it a a pro consiquence not an implication :smiley:

can not most inty piolts scan down a super before it warps anyhow,

loosing supers is a bad deal yeah not too obvious but why you soloing in a carrier anyhow those things aren’t pvp targets reguardless

This would be a very cool feature, probably not for the reason the OP thinks of. :wink: … and no, this will not be implemented.

Any time that I’d be worried about this from an awox perspective is when I’m parked in a safe. Any time I’m parked in a safe, I have one of these fitted and turned on.

I’m not soloing anything if I’m cloaked up in a safe, am I? Maybe I’m moving a carrier. Maybe I missed the move op because of real life.

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