What would you consider an inconsiderate trader?

This is when someone has absolutely no value for maintaining a healthy market and ending up running it down due to greed and making less profit in return as well. Well done on bottlenecking an already nosediving market

This is truly shocking. Have you reported this reproachful behavior to the authorities? We should not undermine the efforts of others in Eve - that is not at all what this game is about.


Did you just undermine my efforts in undermining someone else’s efforts?

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We should ask The Mittani to deny this player docking rights at the Keepstar.

Here’s a spoon


I don’t see what the problem here other than OP throwing a little hissy fit because he’s losing out on a couple ten thousand isk.

I think the tread is some kind of joke/troll. I’m not sure what the joke is yet.

Just looks like someone extracted a high SP toon.

I’ve intentionally cornered markets on some items. Bought out all the items, sold them for double. Suckas.

Think of poor ISK being lost to those relisting fees. How triggering!

Also I am guessing you are the guy with dozens of sales of 30+ injectors above their price and now they all are undercut by one stack from this inconsiderate fellow.

Peter, is that you?

Time is money friend

then just sell your stock directly to the buy orders

Alls fair in love and pvp.

Pretty sure that if you’re willing to wait for your orders to get filled, you are operating on the opposite of greed.

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