What would you do?

Single Omega Account
95M SP (no cap ship skills)
No real assets to speak of but 10B in the bank.
Not experienced in PVP

What would you do to turn that 10B into 20B without leaving High Sec Space?

Store it as PLEX and wait a few years. See A4E - PLEX - Market details

Keep market sniping cheap PLEX.

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Station trading. You can have your main hauling and taking advantages of market opportunities, and 2 alts to manage orders in satellite hubs.

You don’t sound like you really need 20B, though.


regional trading, i turned 1b into 9.5b in about 3 months without really trying, you just have to find the things to sell, thats the hard bit

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I’d ask myself first why I wanted 20bn when I hadn’t made any use of the existing 10bn. I have about half my worth in ISK…the rest is all assets.

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Go to Jita and double your ISK in local chat. Only takes a minute at most once you’re in system.



You got to 95M SP and have only 10B in the wallet?

Here’s what you do. Buy extractors, sell all your SP, and start over. This time with some sort of plan.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I lean more to almost everything in assets and next to nothing in ISKies.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Market by low and sell high. Listen to the OZ Report podcast.

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I would send 1Billion to Princess every month for 10 months and that would save my Orca from being ganked for 10 months straight.

you have a lot of ■■■■
more than i have
so i sugest you can do anything you want
what you want to do?

Send it to me, I’ll double it.

Hm w/o leaveing HS space… To be honest. I agree with others take up station trading not just at jita but at other hubs too. The biggest factor here is that OP has 1 omega account so no alts to do like t3 abyss -t6 abyss in the meantime. If trading is done smart and effectively it outpaces any activity someone can do in EVE.

Any other method like soloing FOBs… Running incursions are grindy and are not the fastest ways to turn 10bil to 20bil trading.

This is coming from a long-time incursion runner who has ran on a solo omega account since he started EVE. Trading maybe a tad bit slower then running an incursion for a whole week attending every fleet. Witch is more grindy doing the same 3 incursion sites every time or stareing at commodies and prices?

I have always wanted to take up tradeing just never had the time or will to do it. I was a 0.1 ISK trader for a little bit before CCP changed market priceing. I recommend tradeing if you can’t handle the PVE grind.

Buy high, sell low.


I guess it depends what the assets are. If your 278bn is mainly in the form of ships, there’s no way your ISK balance is going to replace them…though I suppose you might not lose all that in one go. I have around 5bn ISK total value, almost half of that is ships…which means I can lose my entire fleet ( about 100 ships ) and still have the ISK available to replace them all.

I would learn how to run Abyssal Filaments. Watch some streamers good at running them, ask questions, then start learning with easiest filaments and basic fits (those one that even few days old Alphas could do). Then progress to more demanding filaments. Finally, once you are familiar with Abyss, risks and your skills, spend few billion ISK for properly blinged Gila (or whatever ship is now considered the best in that job) and proper implants.

Without leaving high sec, if you know when and where to run Abyssals (because obviously there are gankers looking for high-end abyssal runners), you can be space rich. However, it’s not easily done, and RNG factor plays big role here (disconnect = chance of running out of time in pockets = ship and capsule with implants loss).

Edit: it’s worth mentioning that you can test fits, your skills, etc. on Singularity server.

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It is.

My concern is not losing the couple of thousand ships in my hangar. It’s turning a profit on them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t stress about how much was in my wallet but how much fun I’m having.

Oh…I presume that is un-fitted ships at Jita and such places. Will have to look and see how many of my ships were bought from you.

Here’s my Amarr overview for April. You may have bought one of the 33B worth of ships I sold if you live there.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: