What's going on with ship prices in Hek?

I’ve got a lot of my capital in ships now with no sales…
So, I have been consistently selling Mastodons, Sleipnirs and Vagabonds in Hek for several months. Since the most recent releases, I have not seen a single ship sell. Is there a new set of ‘sexy ships’ I need to be looking for? Is this a temporary thing?

Those are pretty niche ships to begin with im surprised you sold them. People are saving up for the new Edencom ships anyways.

Well, Hek is in the middle of Minmatar space and I’m solidly Minmatar so that’s why I have been working my industry in support of that. Up until the EDENCOM release I was consistently selling each of those ships.

Perhaps you were consistently selling those ships to the same group of people who have moved, taken a break, or trying out new activties.

Well, that’s all good and fine- just looking for the mid-tier set of industrials, cruisers and support ships that is still selling in this region.
Is there a goof site that tracks current sales by segment?

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