Whats new in market?

I used to trade allot to earn my ISK. Then i stopped playing EVE. Now after almost 10 years im looking to try out the game again and see if get hooked as before.

But what have changed around market lately? What do i need to know about hauling, trading and other functions around the market?

Hauling is very similar to where you left off.

The market has had modifications and changes, many recently, so I would suggest reading recent patch notes. Still profitable to do though.

In short, you can’t 0.01 isk change the market orders now.

Margin trading has shifted


Margin trading was adjusted to TICs (I don’t know if it is 1% of the current price). I think that’s a good way to make players spend more money on the market.
Also, a few months back CCP increased taxes and broker’s fees. Now, the minimum for a non trained clone is around %13.47 of total taxes (buying and selling).
Despite that I wasn’t in Eve 10 years ago, but only 3, I can say that there’s not been many big changes

I didn’t mean that is a good thing though

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