What's on my mind

Here’s some things that are on my mind. I’m not looking for feedback, I don’t really care to discuss them, I’m just putting them out here for everyone else to look at and I’ll most likely forget I posted this by the end of the day.

  • Remote stacking of items
  • Remote reprocessing (non-selective reprocessing of entire containers would be nice, and not make things TOO easy)
  • The location dropdown in the buying window that pops up when you select “Buy All” from the industry window could use a tooltip pointing out the skills required to set it to something other than the location you’re currently in like the information that pops up when you hover over job cost, time, etc in the industry window.
  • Similar to the function of the asteroid survey scanner, a battlefield aftermath scanner, possibly noctis only, that collects the salvagable composition of wrecks
  • Target decoy drones. Each level if the skill would make it possible to deploy an additional decoy up to 5. These drones would mimic the signature of the controlling ship and cause multiple decoys to fill up the targeting ships available targets. The fun part is the targeting ship would see up to 6 instances of the same target and the only clue as to which one is which being their distance from the targeting ship.
  • Tracking devices; think close encounter to deploy, like the tags they use on shark week. To make it fun, it stays on the ship until the ship is destroyed, including through contracts and different pilots

Post these in the “little things” thread, you might get some traction / CCP interest there.

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