Whats the history behind Jita & Amarr and others

So I’m just intrigued about the history and why were Jita and Amarr and other major market hubs chosen, and why those specific stations? Like Jita 4-4 for example

It could be completely random and it just happened, but be interesting if it they were selected, and for what reason.

Amarr: Emperor Family because it’s an Amarr corp for which and their main empire faction you do missions in Amarr space in order to reduce taxes and fees.
Dodixie: The same, just for Gallente.
Also, both systems are very close to or right in the path of major trade routes from some null sec portions towards Jita. For example, Amarr is on the crossroads of Kor-Azor, Tash-Murkon, Kador, Genesis and Devoid/Derelik, which are access points to the south and south-east of the map, towards Jita.
Jita: Why Jita? - How did Jita become Jita?

The trade hubs in New Eden are all player created. They exist in part because they are convenient and in part because a hub and spoke system is the most efficient way to conduct trade. No region is self sufficient, so they take what they have to Jita and purchase what they need - freighters are full both ways.

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