Who's who of Amarr trade hubs

Hi there,

Would anyone be able to fill me in with some details of the primary trading hubs in Amarr space?
I know about Amarr VIII (Oris), But I’m curious about the following stations:

Ziriert VIII - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory
Misaba V - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory
Ashab - Tranquility Trade & Prod Center

Are the Zoar and Sons Factories minor trade hubs? I see a lot of orders in the regional market at those locations.

THE MAIN QUESTION I HAVE IS whether these stations are mission hubs - places where combat oriented players get missions and quickly sell loot?

Anyone familiar with this subject?

This article will show the mission hubs https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Mission_Hubs. If they’re any distance from the main trade hubs, you’ll likely find markets catering to mission runners. Most will be convenience stores - not trade hubs!

Most player corporations will offer a loot buyback program - generally Jita or Amarr buy order pricing less 10% based on https://evepraisal.com/

The Tranquility Trade & Production Center in Ashab started as a place where traders could place buy orders with low brokerage fees. It’s slowly evolving into a trade hub but still mostly high volume, low margin goods like PLEX and Skill Injectors. The Tranquility Trade Tower in Perimeter has really matured as a trade hub this year - I now find all the materials I need for my manufacturing business stocked in depth at competitive prices and rarely need to go to Jita. Hopefully Ashab will follow the same path.

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