What's the point of character creation

Like we gonna see our character in game since the captain quarter is gone…
And nobody care about those tiny potrait anyway:(
Oh and in low sec, null sec you see ppl potrait—> you raise alert
WH… You see yourself…
Btw through the eve lore, the capsuler seem to be naked inside the capsule to operate the ship so what the point of clothing???
I mean what the point
TBH I still love the character creation and I love to imagine my character in the cool suit operate the ship with the crews than a naked dude floating inside a pill…


Because it sets your starting location and starting race :stuck_out_tongue:

The point is to sell clothes. Same as its always been.

Hehe, actually we can go farther. What is the point of starting locations if you can fly everywhere anyway. What is the point of different races when you can train everything anyway. What is the point of different ships if you use only one and do one thing in it anyway.
What is the point of paying subscription if most of the time you dont play the game or just fly from gate to gate, doing nothing productive. What is the point of all those things? Philosophical, yeees? :wink:

You can answer all the question if you wish, but I dont even care about that as I know what I like to do without answering these questions for myself or someone else. :wink:

What we have here is an existential crisis I think. :thinking:


You figured it out without realizing.

The point is emotional attachement.

Emotional attachement ->
Identification ->
Desire for social status and recognition by displaying “individuality”.

There. Answer is given, you can request closure now.

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clothes should be given away free, since no one has CQ’s anymore and I cant unlock the door to let them in and admire my awesome toons booty…

it makes no sense.

and yes YOU MUST HAVE SOME EYE CANDY while being deeply involved in an internet spaceship game…

now watch my booty and give me a like… say please!


Tbh I love to imagine my character inside captai deck giving out command to my crews like star strek stuff,.When in combat I always track the enemy and zoom my ship closely so I can get the awesome spaceship battle; sometimes I turn off hub and try to snap a badass cinematic scene XD
And when my ship about to explode, I make up a scene that my character order everyone to get to there pod and abandon ship, my character will wait till everyone ejected safely then he run at his capsule with explotion behind and… Boom~~~


Ironic. Clothing, specifically the monocle, caused the revolt on the CQ/WiS.

Sure everyone weeped hard about WiS, but they were really pissed that they could not afford the monocle.

But they did not want anyone to know they were both poor and vain, so they lashed out against the whole feature.

Fact is if that monocle had been $5 we would be WiS at this time.

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They could have waited for few years and make some gameplay elements they showed earlier so it would have legs and hands to get roots into the game. They were too proud of what they made, and too arrogant (Hilmar’s $70 monocle debacle).

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We can go even further.

Why bother dealing with medicine if were all going to die anyways?
Why bother eating if youre just going to poop it out anyways?
Why bother with sex if you can just masterbate and get a good feeling out fo that?


Sounds like someone would need an academic degree to do that correctly. :woman_student:


I am a master baiter, thank you.

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Personal question but do my character look good?
Do he look like a captain???

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So you’re aksing why we need something but you don’t care about the answers, well in that case i don’t care about your lack of interest in a system that we use nor do i care about your views on said subject, and i’m going to guess the people who follow my train of thought outnumber the ones that don’t so we win :stuck_out_tongue:

I think CCP will change direction in the end and bring back WIS and CQ but not at this time. CCP dont have a big enough team to adapt WIS and CQ at the moment and it was old programming technology… It wil come full circle in the end…

Look forward to 64-bit Client and then lets see what the future brings…

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If you’re a cloaky hunter scout, to distract your prey so you can sneak up on it.

So you’re just confirming that you don’t actually have a valid reason, regardless of what you want to fly you still need a set of skills to start that journey, so even if you weren’t picking a race you would be picking a starting set of skills so you would still need a character creator lol

I have my own character creator now, Its called Blender. :wink:


Good for you i guess, not sure what the relevance of that is here though

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