What's the point offering missions in the new Trig systems you cant get to

Mission code was made very, very long ago, when EVE was a mess of totally undocumented spaghetti code. Probably none of the programmers from back then are still with CCP. At that time the company seemed to operate like a small garage startup… which they kind of were, I guess.

If you think those days were better then you obviously weren’t there… today’s EVE is in a completely different league from a technical perspective. Back then patches would frequently take not just hours but days to be deployed, including all the emergency shutdowns and game-breaking database corruptions. CCP are much more professional today.

So fixing missions is likely almost impossible, and definely not worth it because it’s deprecated, low-quality content anyway.

All this commentary reflects why Crucible was my favorite expansion. In Crucible, CCP’s explicitly stated goal was to focus on bug fixing, UI/UX improvements, balancing, and polishing existing content moreso than major new features (though there were a number of notable new features introduced such as TiDi and Attack Battlecruisers). CCP needs more Crucible expansions (sorry, I mean “quadrants”) more often. If they can devote one Crucible-esque quadrant a year where they focus more on existing content and less on new content (to a far greater extent than is normally done - all quadrants should give existing content some love), EVE would be in a much healthier state than it is now. EVE is long overdue for another Crucible treatment (that was back in 2011).


You can repeat this as often as you want, but that doesn’t make it true. Missions are one of the very first things any new pilot does in EvE, and continues to do for a long time. Lvl4 mission grinding for income is still a popular thing on the higher end of the scale.

They could get creative, like promote dissertations for final year students in IT schools. Let those dive into it, document the stuff, list the pitfalls, suggest fixes. It costs virtually nothing and requires minimal supervision. Any team lead could make that a win win. And you create a pool of potential hires. Other parts of industry do this for far more complicated work than unentangling old code.


Thanks to like scarcity, I’m still out of likes. So, pretty much what Wadiest Yong said.

There’s no way they weren’t aware that this was going to happen. For whatever reason, they chose not to fix it.


By the way, I heard somewhere someone say that something related to an epic arc got lost to dorito space as well. Sorry, I can’t be more specific. There’s also newbros getting sent trig minor victory systems, which they should already be aware of.


I heard that the Sisters of Eve Epic arc requires you to either fly through lowsec or a trig minor victory. I can’t confirm this.

For sure, the Caldari epic arc requires you to fly to black rise and your only option is through low sec or Litiura (trig minor victory).

It’s like CCP is so compartmentalized that each department is developmentally firewalled off from each other.
Very similar on how Microsoft used to develop their OS software which caused massive compatibility issues between the parts when they attempted to create a whole program. Also why they quit developing that way later on.

CCP are going to have to spend much of their time over the next year just patching many (but NOT all) of the problems. Until then, those players more directly affected are going to have higher attrition rates.


I came back to the game 18 months ago, after a hiatus of 4 years. The first thing that struck me was the change in quality control. I would have a hard time accepting roll outs with known bugs … every single time …


It’s in the natural evolution of companies to grow from “flat, horizontally organized, mutual collaboration based” organizations with lots of individual empowerment and mutual common sense of responsibility to rigid, pyramidal structures that do not allow for fast and spontaneously coordinated action, but where administrative and managerial rules come before the product. The process becomes more important than the product, which usually is quite detrimental for the quality of the product and for the speed with which products are delivered over time.

Even when mimicking a flat and modestly sized organization by using “project teams”, those are difficult to manage centrally (but attempted nevertheless), and usually have several reporting lines to several managers from different departments (making team leads nigh impotent but still responsible for deliverables). The negotiations to build such teams from people belonging to different departments usually lead to situations with unbalanced occupancy in the teams. Why ? Everyone, especially in a creative environment, advocates for his / her own little project of course, everything is important, priorities are endless and ever shifting and there is no one with the final word who actually knows the complete picture or who can still figure out what is need-to-have or merely nice-to-have.

And I’m not even mentioning the fact that they are now owned by another company. Total freedom is not on any table, so expect some influences from time to time.