What's up with this killboard padding douchebaggery?

What’s going on here with this guy’s killboard. Multiple billion ISK shuttle kills containing nothing but fireworks minutes apart. Note the toon name he keeps killing is called kilbordagent…

Right, killboard padding is a craze these days and has always been a cancer.

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What are you saying??!! Codies aren’t elite??!

Killboards have relevancy?


Whadya mean ‘these days’? Killboard padding -aka suicide ganking and blobbing - is older than grandpa’s axe!

I’m more curious as to why a rookie ship filled with fireworks is worth billions…


Wow, look at what fascists do not want to read about themselves…


Just yesterday did a guy tell an interesting story about cooking and the ingredients he uses when suddenly he says “I’ve used it in jail.” He probably thought that when he mentions a moment where he had a good experience with using the ingredient it would give emphasis on his cooking. However, I’ve completely forgotten what he was talking about after I heard him say that. All I remember is now that he used it in jail. I did not need to know that…

It’s a bit like this when you talk about stereotypes. Just call them stereotypes. Nobody needs to know exactly what stereotypes you actually think you know.

Here is a bit about myself: No black man ever gave me any drugs. All my drugs came from white people. … And now you know that I did drugs. oops

A great post I believe will go over many heads …

@Solstice_Projekt @The_Dunning_Kruger @Whitehound guys please, it’s off topic…

I think the fireworks have the estimated price so high because it’s a new item with quite unstable market prices, which give them that billion price tag for a batch of 100. CCP wouldn’t give something worth billions of ISK to everyone capable of killing a bunch of rats (tried it on other NPC pirates than the event sleepers, worked for one mission), it would simply crash the in game economy.

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someone probably sold a few to themselves for billions for killboard stat padding.

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