What's With The Glowing Red Triangle On Gnosis?

This is one of the problems I see in this game. A terrible, troll-based community where I had to scroll past 8 useless responses and the DEV actually had to respond.
Just wow.


Thanks for confirming it is ( or rather was ) a bug. I take it someone is also looking at the issue of stargate names disappearing on undocking. The names show in Overview or in Fleet window for ‘align to’, but no name appears on the gate itself on arriving there. Only happens on undocking…possibly only a citadel undock.

its so purty lol

20 years old game and you come from nowhere to call our community terrible troll based…
IMO you are a useless ■■■■■■■■■■■■
if is so terrible why don’t you go away?

Bro I believe he replied for the lulz. It was pretty obvious the artifact was a bug.

The community is what the community is, a mix of irony, cynicism and trolling, embrace it.

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