What's With The Glowing Red Triangle On Gnosis?

Every Gnosis now seems to have a glowing red triangle on the side. Maybe I missed this in a patch somewhere. What does it mean ?

It’s an NPC, stuck on your hull. Shake it off.

No it displays on new Gnosis on market. Its on all my Gnosis in all my accounts. It’s obviously part of a new design…but the question is, why and what is it and what does it mean.

the china severs back at it again

Looks like a holographic piece of the Streamcast skin. Shouldnt appear there. Bug.

You press play to watch Netflix on it during your mining op.


What a shame it is gone now. I was sort of hoping it would become stuck to my ship and I’d have one of a handful of rare Gnosis that would sell for 100bn.

yeah the pink triangle have a strange charm

bring pink triangle back

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It shows you the directional vector of the ship. Duh!

I’ve yet to see a ship that moved in the same direction as the end the rocket motors are at. Duh.

Yes, pink triangles are just one step away from me getting my dream boat.



well you need 666 kill marks on an apocalypse to get that skin


Actually, skin options based on killmarks on a ship ain’t that bad an idea…


time to make a post on how we would love to see that now

Only to be pummeled into oblivion, because of some obscure way to exploit this as a mechanic :joy:

Multi-box fleets

So if I get this right:

YES to Pink Triangle
NO to Red Dot.

Got it.

–Gadget needs a Blue Square

I doubt that.

I’m on it.

As @Nana_Skalski mentioned, it is a visual bug where an element of the Streamcast SKINs escaped for more freedom.