What's with this splash screen?

Another design for the ages…the ages 12 to 14. How long are we going to have to look at this…thing? (Fortunately, this art department doesn’t oversee things like the acceptance of alliance logos…no, wait…)

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Which splash screen are you referring?

If it is the podded capsule splash screen that is troubling you then you can always do like we do and look away every time we are podded.

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He probably means new crimson harvest splash screen in character selection

I agree with him, the color selection of the image is very aggressive to my eyes.

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That’s in line with what the Crimson Harvest celebrates, I guess.

Anyway, CCP seems in love with saturated colors, tho Havoc artwork appears more balanced.

What even IS a ‘splash screen’?

Loading pictures are no new thing…

I like it.
It doesn’t have to look depressing all the time.

It’s OK…though I do sort of wonder about game immersion as I can’t believe people 23,000 years in the future on the other side of the galaxy would still be celebrating American style Halloween. But heck, if they can get away with Dr Who…

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I mean, it’s all in the lore at least. The only thing halloweenish are loot drops. The actual event is the yearly raid of Blood Raiders raiding for warclone blanks and blood.

I don’t imagine they do. It’s a splash screen before getting into the world so immersion is untouched. It’s Halloween for the devs and players. I doubt New Eden gives a rat’s morsel.

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