What's Wrong With Navy Auto-Targeting Missiles?

Why these Navy AT Missiles are missing in LP store? It’s not possible to buy them from Eden Store and win by taking part in different sort of lotteries even. At the same time they are available in game and on markets in limited edition for hilarious prices.

They bothered to make navy versions of these piles of crap?

Navy. Manufactured by the lowest bidders …

Here, piles of crap really means “I don’t know how to use them” :wink:

But that is not really a surprise. They are improperly named and described. They are passive lock missiles, which is a real world term, and it means they lock onto radar and other signals from those actively tracking or locking you. In Eve, the missiles target those who have your ship target locked, so your ship does not need a lock…the missiles have their own locking system…they are probably primarily meant to be a counter to ECM jamming.

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I trained Defender missiles to level 5.

Hey I didn’t know. It was a long time ago. Give me a break. I’m sorry!

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Oh i know “how” they work, they are still trash, especially after the ECM changes, i can still lock the jammer and engage it at will i don’t need crappy missiles for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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These missiles were implemented years ago, before I began to play this game. So, I have no idea why they are abandoned and available in game at the same time. Compared to Nuclear or Titanium Projectile Ammo, they look more productive and useful - it’s not some sort of CCP’s joke about trash stuff in game.

A-T Missiles are good for specific fits in specific scenarios only. Navy A-T Missiles are better just because they grant a small boost to dps by 15-18% and I’d like to buy them by LP or ISK. These missiles are good to use when the Smart Bombs usage is risky like in hi-sec, where you can be easily CONCORDed. And they are very effective to clear big NPC swarm waves of frigates and destroyers with few Cruisers between them - a hi- and low-sec combat PVE content mainly. Their damage/dps is enough for this, btw, without targeting time penalty (for a Cruiser it can take from 5 to 7 sec to lock a frigate). I’m sick of that “pic-tic-pic-pic-tic-pic-tic-pic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic…”.

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Here’s how:

  • You can’t fire them anytime by default;

  • You can’t fire them at a locked target. Locking is irrelevant for this weaponry;

  • You can’t fire them automatically at opponents, which already locked your ship (yellow boxed);

  • You can fire them just after an opponent performed an aggressive action versus your ship (when Non-Capsuleer Log-Off Timer or Capsuleer Log-Off Timer was triggered).

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Defender Missiles and Auto-Targeting Missiles are different beings. To level 5? Possible if nothing else important is in queue for training. Level 4 is enough for good usage. BTW, with low skills these A-T Missiles sux and looks much better with each trained point into respective skills. You need nearly perfect missile skills to make them work effectively.

I have no idea how they work in pvp but in pve they are decent for semi-afking content. Take a barghest orbit 100km and just let em rip, with the barghest missile velocity they hit before the next volley launches so you don’t waste ammo. This kinda works on a golem too which can be nice with the MJD bonus but not really the best use of a golem imo.

that or a rattlesnake where you launch drones and f1 and look away for a few mins. WIth no missile velocity you probably waste more rounds, but the drones do enough work it probably isn’t a big issue. Can also launch gecko, orbit, and use AT heavy missiles with RHML.

Navy FOFs were in game for something like a few months and got yoinked after that and have pretty much never been mentioned again. Back then FOFs were in a pretty bad place so only a few people bothered to buy the faction ones, and that’s why they are so rare now.

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And I jump in to your mission and target you and what next?

It makes sense. It replaces multiple simple and monotonous targeting actions with one general action to activate weapons after the reload.

Under a Barghest bonus they must work fine, because I’m using these missiles just fine under the Orthrus bonuses:

The fit can be significantly improved or downgraded in dps and tanking, because it has CPU, PG and Cap resources for it. The main concept idea here is that these A-T Missiles don’t require special Launchers. So, we can easily switch to light fury missiles on the fly by gaining 610 dps for missiles with 709 dps in total.

Sad info. Looks like nothing will be changed here to implement Navy or T2 versions of these things.

Which, I in fact do have. I still have my 90 million SP and no injectors. The hard way.

Maybe nothing.

as long as you don’t shoot me nothing, and if you do, well hello concord

I used to have many bizarre PVP uses for Stabs ECM and AT missiles that no one else seemed to use. With the ECM castration and Stabs banned from FW all those have gone and I have to fight people instead. I get the impression that AT missiles are something they regret including and are more likely to be phased out than expanded on.

To add, I have all missile skills up to 5, thanks to my preference from Minmatar ships, and have done the “orbit fast and spam auto-targeting missiles” routine.

Does it work? Sort of. Whereas drones are, at best, on the level of a puppy in intellect, FOF missiles are worse. Often I would find it targeting some deadspace structure/post/wall thing and be like WTF?
FOF missiles are on this level:

Auto targeting missile’s used correctly are deadly especially in lvl 4 missions against Guristas and Serpentis, i have mine trained all the way to 5.

There few circumstances where AT missiles will out perform a player targeting ships and shooting them with regular missiles. Only situations where the targets are dying so fast that you don’t have time to target them. At missiles will go for the nearest enemy target be it a structure or a drone or whatever, some NPC use this to their advantage and change their proximity to you so you cannot keep a primary target it is in some ways similar to the auto aggression settings for drones.