What's your favorite thing to multi-task while playing?

I listen to sci-fi audio books while doing lvl 4 missions in my fleetphoon.


There was a game like that… but I think it died a few years ago. I left EVE the first time for it. Because it had Newtonian space physics. Which made docking SOOO much fun. But once you got good you could zip around and never worry about anything.

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ever tried matar hulls with autos? I’m waiting for season 3.

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Beer and whiskey. Partly why my main’s KB is so horrible. “Beer and whiskey might be risky.” Also, keeping half an eye on whatever NHL hockey game is playing.


My hands were too sticky to type while reading this. Then I forgot what I was gonna type after my fingers weren’t sticky because it was all smokey in my pod and alarms were going off everywhere. I lurk these forums while I fly in space. I also try to figure out what sets off that alarm. Maybe tomorrow.


Ingame:Run a nyx through anoms while 2 alts mine in rorquals, or get dragged around on silly ops while watching a movie

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What might be even scarier is that this could be my dream. Maybe I wanted a scary dream to torment me. I would often as a younger man tell myself I wanted a scary dream or a happy dream before I went to bed and I would have such as this. Perhaps, like a poem line I once wrote:

From a dream to a dream we pass, waking… :thinking:


I have a work from home job. So I’ll do market trading while I work. Recently I’ve also started an experiment in ice mining since it requires very little babysitting. But after 1 day have already grown frustrated with the tiny HS belts compared to null.


I agree with these statements. You may not get ganked in highsec today or tomorrow, or in the following month. But I wish you do get ganked as soon as possible. You will appreciate the game more after you do.

Also I didn’t check but, OP, you sound a lot like you lack a mining permit.


Yeah you didn’t check. Also, I’ve been on and off since 08’. More often off than on but I’ve had plenty of obsessive long runs. Afking, or multi-tasking is something I’ve done countless times. Gotten ganked plenty while doing it. So you can be sure I appreciate the game well enough. I don’t fly anything solo I’m not willing to also lose without complaint.

Complaining about me multi-tasking, or using auto-pilot is a bit silly after all. If I have only so much time in a day, I don’t mind getting ganked now and then, and I wouldn’t have played the game during that time anyway? Zero loss. And I let the slow moving logistics and upkeep fly right on by. :slight_smile:

Describing auto-pilot usage as having a form of retardation for using a game mechanic just implies you don’t understand it’s purpose, place, or you lack the imagination to make use of your tools at hand.

Nice! I can see how that’d make it a hell of a lot more interesting for longer trips. (You hear someone say “Cow.” off in the distance)

*Scandalous Gadget


My favourite thing to multitask while playing EVE, is more EVE.

Sometimes I’ll listen to some obscure Dutch Prog Metal at the same time, if I’m feeling adventurous.

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Or has never had the experience of moving large numbers of alts all the way across HS with no real criteria other than “they get there eventually”

I recently moved my alt army 50 jumps through HS (After 25 jumps through null, that part I obviously did manually) getting them to the destination with implants intact was a nice to have. But so long as they got there eventually I was prepared to replace a couple of them.

Staggering them out (So I wouldn’t loose them all at once) the second they where in warp to the first HS gate I hit autopilot.

All but one made it without a scratch and the one who got caught was during the null stretch.

Autopilot certainly does have it’s use. I look at it as a gamble. I win, my “package” gets there intact. I loose and I traded whatever that value was to free up my time for other things.



It implies using retarded game mechanic is retarded :wink:


^ Exactly, this. Pretty much how I see it.

You are just so adorable aren’t you. :wink:

Btw, love your capsuleer profile pic. You look like the new style of the Collector from the Avengers.

Season 3 pilot episode is damn fine.

If I multitask that is multiple eve account’s rarely I would do something other than eve if so it can be many things while traveling on eve from a to b.

Will be logged in docked playing other games significant amount of time.

Whilst I am AFK Ratting one account and AFK mining an AFK hauling…and have sequenced my last bot in null…

I kick back n catch up with all the juicy gossip on the Eve forums n Reddit.