What's your favorite thing to multi-task while playing?

What is your favorite thing to multi-task while playing? What do you do in EVE, and then what are you doing outside of EVE? I’ll use myself as an example.

Today while in high-sec, I sent my miner out to earn some ISK, and worked on cleaning up. I’d leave volume high so I could keep an eye on things, as well as check my watch so I know when to go back and switch asteroids or make a trip home. Snagged a good chunk of change while scrubbing the burnt crud off my stove.

Sometime’s I’ll make jumps in super high-sec (safe paths) to pick up junk I’ve left all over New Eden. Never anything kill-worthy, but that way I can clean up my personal assets screen. I’ll play another game on a second monitor during this since it needs a little more attention.

I guess overall I’ve found that while sometimes I want 100% focus on what I’m doing, there’s a ton of things I can split my time between as well that I’ve already done for the Nth time.

What crazy or inventive multitasking have you all done? :smiley:


OK not actually cocaine


If only space combat in EVE was like The Expanse…


Not as strong or effective as cocaine, but I decided stupidly the other day to drink a double-shot of coffee and a 5 hour energy drink right before I had to take a Mammoth on a long distance trip. Not only that, but I left off a low slot power fitting and couldn’t put online my MWD. So that was a long 14 jumps. :cry:

If I’m not on TS BS’in, then I’m doing something solo and usually watching a movie, surfing the web, or maybe watching “paint dry” while imagining “final jeopardy” music.
-Classic example of the latter would be building out a death star.

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I run an internet dating agency for rare breeds of chicken. Keeps me pretty busy.

Considering branching out into geese next year. May have to drop a few accounts to accomodate that.


Homework, programming, and other games such as Beyond Dark that dont require much attention either.


And this is when your ship goes boom, or you come back to find that you’ve been bumped 100km out of the belt and haven’t mined a damn thing…


Complete with pics of exotic chicks and hot cocks, I’ll bet.



I don’t. I never play anything that does not require my attention since that is not really playing. Its more like AFKing or semi-botting or other type of that sort of cheese.


Usually I play other instances of Eve. To fill up the computers and monitors and then I talk trash to the few corp mates that keep sticking around with me. But alas my weeding and winnowing of them has led to a vast hiatus.

Other than that I sometimes binge watch programs like The IT Crowd, or old episodes of Agents of Shield I havent seen yet. But I do that ON my computer so am I afk? semi afk or just siting right there like on these forums? Is it all real or is it just a bad dream?!?! Am I the bad dreamer or is this not my dream at all!?!?:thinking:

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Multitasking tends to really mess with my ability to keep efficiency in what I do, and while I have to keep an eye on local and overview and the ship modules nearly constantly, I really only use an option build into Opera browser - detachable window. Truly a blessing when I want to occupy my mind with something more than I should. Put some vidio on play, put detachable window in corner of the screen - no profit unfortunately, but can multitask efficiently.

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So what about if you gotta make 20+ jumps? Stare at the beautiful scenery? Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with that, and I definitely see where your coming from.

It’s all a dream. It’s not your dream. It’s a dream where good and bad and real mean nothing. You are a good dreamer, dreaming in someone else’s dream. :open_mouth:

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Using autopilot requires some form of mild retardation…

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fukung was the best… until CCP pulled the IGB.

I would nurse market buy orders while I mined - no need to be AFK or switch toons.
I’m also sure I was the cause of half the “market bot” claims some have made. :grin:

On some weekends, I would also pick-up the buy orders scattered around the region while playing D&D over at a friend’s house.

–Gadget - .01 ISK Veteran


Dualboxing two vnis while trading dax and dow


i run fake conversation in my local between all my alts so my solar system looks social, alive and dynamic.


I do indeed fly manually. Very rarely I have that long a route entirely in HS, and when I get anywhere outside I end up zig-zagging, approaching gates at different angles, take an occasional cyno, etc. etc. which is all done manually anyways.