When attempting to hack a Relic or Data can, hacking minigame doesn't pop up (Issue happening since last server restart)

Title sums it up. After the last server update I am unable to hack relic or data canisters regardless of the module or location. I’ve tried refitting, restarting, relogging and even ‘download everything’ from the launch client.

An alliance member attempted to hack the same relic can and he was able to do so without any issue, so I assume it could be a problem on my end.

In short, I approach the can at 1km, press the Relic Analyzer module and it simply cicles once without the minigame window popping up. (It also doesn’t appear in the neocom bar)

Any help would be appreciated.

I’d start by clearing your cache from the launcher.

Did all of that multiple times, doesn’t work

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