When is Singularity coming back?

Hello there,

Sisi has been off for several weeks already, any ETA on when it will comeback online ?
I have been waiting for several weeks to test some setups and it’s getting boring waiting around


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oh wow that sucks, thank you !

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Project M5 or Project FPS integration testin’ maybe :thinking:

Judging by the kind of job openings at CCP Shanghai - game marketing and player base growth - I would bet on the first…

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Shangai isnt working on the fps. Though i think someone said they worked on eve portal

Shanghai works on Project M5 a 4X type of game for mobiles set in New Eden. From the jobs description it will be launched in China first imho.

I fear 4x EVE will be turn based and that is a deal breaker for me. :cry:

Not for many months… if ever.

TBH, I would play the hell out of a 4X game set in New Eden.

I even made custom races of the Empires in Gal Civ 3 (except the ships - too much time).

However, my dream game is a Twilight Empires style board game based on null expansion and conquest, where a player controls alliance fleets, and there’s a political undertone to the game.

–Space Conqueror Gadget

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Once had access to a Keepstar on Singularity and enjoyed popping Rorquals using the DD on cooldown. :star_struck:

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