When mining is over

When mining op ends
Peasants come nobles
Slaves embrace the slavers and roids.

Where once there were miners
now are roid haulers
Oh, lets celebrate ladies and lords!
Where once there were miners
now are roid haulers
oh, lets celebrate peasants and slaves!

So grab your companions
and mine of roids bounty,
The limits of pleasure
are all in your head,
For now is the time to kiss and to cuddle,
For love will be flown by the time you are dead.


Lord Vaari

Golden mountain
Hero of providence

It has been a long time. Keep well.


:honeybee: :princess::honeybee:

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Who is the number two queen bee?

We thought the queen bee was Gobbins!

Gobbins is a squid.


Is that what that is?

It’s what it’s become, let’s put it that way. It was originally a cute baby phage (the logo of Pandemic Legion, who had Gobbins setup Horde to be a feeder / minion alliance):

But between the hat and the cute, they decided they were squids.

Looks more like an octopus. Eight arms, no tentacles, rounded head.

Strictly, we can only confirm 6 arms, but they say it’s a squid, so… it’s just a really bad squid? :person_shrugging:

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Sometimes the only thing you can do with a bad squid, is give it a spanking.

Just can’t be helped.


Someone is gonna need another spanking.


Don’t count on it. asher didn’t re-declare war earlier in the month when he was able to, I don’t expect he will now. He got his high-profile ‘We killed the only HS Keepstar ever’ kill, and that was all he actually cared about.

The days when you could rely on a statement of ‘This is what we will do’ to mean GSF would make sure to follow through belong now to history.

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Considering for a moment the “Do you have a pulse” recruitment method, of horde…

What are the chances their SRP program will become unsustainable without the TTC income long term?

Maybe even short term. :thinking:

Irrelevant, since they have the TTC income.

But also, no. Horde’s internal models have always been exploitative toward their regular line members, but their SRP fund is in no danger of drying up, even without the TTC.

Just a follow-up here; it looks like literally as I was writing that, Asher re-declared war for HS operations. So maybe he will follow through. Certainly their have been RFs in the Forge since.

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