When will it ever end?

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Yea no seriously, the reconnect logic is broken. Has anyone at CCP heard of expotential backoff?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #2

I’ve been just ignoring it, but finally got annoyed enough to come complain about it. Throwing the gif up on #tweetfleet

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(CCP Rubik) #4

Why on earth would this be a problem? Surely you wish to see all the warnings, they are quite informative! /s

We are rewriting the launcher UI, and will make sure this will be fixed there.

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(Elementatia) #5

Oh, while you rewrite it, could you pls. keep an eye on the behaviour after waking up from energy save ?
The client often fleshes a lot and the buttons work, but don´t change their look accourding to their state (play/stop).

(zluq zabaa) #6

If you find the time please consider having a look at random accounts suddenly becoming non-sticky during connectivity issues. Thanks!

(CCP Avalon) #7

We’ll test for it, but that sort of an issue may be dependent on the other launcher team. The UI is literally a website opened by the launcher executable.

One of the changes we made in the UI rewrite, it no longer has access to the pinned account information, until you click buttons (pin / unpin / “forget all accounts” etc.). Also instead of unpinning / removing accounts on failure (after clicking play), you should get a message instead suggesting you try relogging the account. :aura::guardparrot:

(zluq zabaa) #8

Great news thanks \o/