When will these Trivialturds be leaving New Eden? :psyccp:

There was more in that quote. Something-something about Serenity players being very anti-trig. So Narja would never been captured by trigs should its fate be chosen on Serenity.
And even then: if CCP only needed to split result between servers they could do this randomly and not use logic like “high profile”. The very manual choosing of systems for each server tells that it wasn’t neutral process.

Yep, and that’s why CCP has selected Tranquility in this case.
Add here that everything CCP says can only be taken with great care.

You see: i’m only connecting the points You see yourself.

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No there wasn’t, the part about Serenity being pro Edencom was added by the person who quoted CCP, and had nothing to do with what the CCP dev had said regarding which system outcomes were selected to be written to the database… I could quote the whole post again, but I don’t think it would help… it’s up there if you really want to read it again and further your understanding of the situation.

You really are missing the point entirely. There is only one database, so to ‘split it randomly’ makes no sense if systems on the two servers have a different significance to the players of each… you do understand that right… ?

This part of the CCP quote ^^^ Seriously, go back and read it again, work out what is CCP and what is a player and then think about what you’re saying, it’s not that difficult.

LOL, you really are trying, but totally missing the mark in all attempts.


It’s funny that we look at the same situation but see different intentions. I guess that’s the way of life. Maybe i’ve just seen too much from CCP for all years to take their words at face value. In this case I wish I was on your place: happy trusting CCP that they care about players.

Thanks for discussion.

Haha, no, that special sauce wore off long ago, I just don’t think in this instance they had any pre-determined outcomes as the intent… this time :slight_smile:


I see.