When will these Trivialturds be leaving New Eden? :psyccp:

Clearly, Scope has been infiltrated…

Why would you assume Scope has the final word on what the Triglavians are interested in? My understanding since fairly early in the process was that blue stars were what they would harvest, but other type systems could also be invaded.

You might want to check threads like this one if you’re interested in the lore/speculation on it:

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Still you have evaded my question. Or skipped some part of it.

The full question is: are you saying that trying to replace losses is good for those affected?

You know what is not good for people? Sitting and accumulating fictional space currency with no purpose.

What part of “trying to replace losses is good” do you not understand? I think I made it very clear that this applies to everyone in EVE.

Anyone loosing ships to Trig or Edencom npc fleets made a mistake.

First by not looking at the autonavigator plotted route.

Second by not taking notice of the warning CCP has put as a pop-up when about to jump into one of these systems.

As for content. This is new content that has brought in new factions, lore and NPCAI features.
The NPC AI alone could dynamically change how current faction warfare and incursions will work in the future, where NPC fleets chase down enemy npc fleets and players alike in system instead of just spawning in one location and only respond if attacked.

The invasion in itself has killed the Amarr-Jita market run monopoly over the other three trade hubs, and forced players to reopen the old silk road trade route, which long term with the mineral reallocation make the economics of eve better for all and not large alliances solely.


Because of the new replies, o/

Just tested a 1.0 Trig invasion system to see how to grain Edencom rep

This Character has zero kill rights and was not suspect yet players with positive trig status can freely attack yet not blue limited engagement nor are they flagged suspect or criminal.
The way I see is that any Final Liminality Triglavian controlled system works like Nulsec -0.2 and good to know to now I must avoid those systems.

Currently sitting with 0.0 Edencom with -0.0 Trigavian Collective.

I’ve defended some controversial technical choices that CCP has made over the years, but this one really is incredibly forking shirt for brains. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when you get developers trying to do in code what should be managed by the database. It’s Big Oof Technology, and it’s hard to recover from once it’s been entrenched.

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That would be because Sakenta dropped from 1.0 sec to -0.2 sec. You can see the actual sec rating of all the Final Lim systems at https://kybernaut.space/invasions .


Ah, now I see it. I made a mistake thinking that your idea has some merit.
Now when I reread the original quote I see the same “my style of playing is the only correct one” and that’s it.

Sorry for bothering

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… and all this is relevant to my quote because?

I can agree here. However, knowing CCP for 11 years I would rather wait for something to be actually implemented before being excited. They have too long list of half-baked and forgotten features…

One small detail: it wasn’t “invasion”. It was CCPs decision to mark these systems to be “invaded”. And they have means to get the state they want by tuning some numbers in their “invasion” mechanics.

Sorry, but “I don’t ever want to lose anything” is not a valid play style. Deal with it.

I do believe that there were more than a few Capsuleers who were quite capable in performing such feats of greatness with these Triglavian Collective.

A moment of recognition for those players o7

So then why play one of the few games where permanent loss of things is a key selling point and not a game where its literally impossible to lose anything?

Like Destiny 2

Man, Im really becoming a shill for Bungie these days.

But their Halloween Festival is fun, have to say, and you can get all the Triglavian clothes you want there.

Its almost like thats where CCP got the idea…

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True, but it was players that made it happen, if edencom had brought more forces to that fight that route would still be open and protected by guns target towers, but sadly for edencom and the carebears it didn’t happen.

Thanks for agreeing

There was quote in the very this thread from one of CCP Team. And the person had particularly mentioned Narja and that they wanted this system to be flipped. Do you really think players could affect this decision? I’m pretty sure if nobody ever came to that system NPC would take it somehow.


Just accept it… Although I don’t really like the triggs I’m neutral. Now with the permanent 27 systems in Pochven controlled by them you can’t change anything.

That was not the case at all, the part you seem to have misunderstood:

So the result of the fight for Niarja that took place on Tranquility was the result written to the DB (which Tranquility & Serenity use), because on Tranquility Niarja is a “high profile” system and on Serenity it is not. It was not CCPs decision to force this result one way or the other, only to select the result of the ‘high profile systems’ and ensure they were written to the DB.

This is correct, had nobody shown up the Edencom NPCs would have taken it for sure, as the Amarr Edencom NPCs could easily handle the Triglavian NPCs.


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