When will Vargur be nerfed?

GM, did you guys not notice that Vargur has destroyed the Small-scale pvp mode?
Why have you not nerfed A when this issue has been around for close to a year?

About a year?

Then you need to just wait about 3-4 years before Vargur will be nerfed. :troll:

PS or you can train and buy one. Then it will be nerfed in next patch.
PPS that’s a joke

I think it’s not so much the Marauder, it’s the Bastion Module thats a bit overpowered. Double tank and double damage is just too much for a 30sek movement penalty. Either nerf it or make the boni “spool up” with cycles, so you basically “charge” your guns and reppers with the energy taken from the propulsion system over time up to a certain limit.

Like a full charge in 5 cycles (aka 2.5 minutes)
+20% RoF for turrets and launchers per cycle up to +100%
+20% Armor/Shield Boost amount per cycle up to +100%

Once you exit BastionMode, all boni are lost and need to be spooled up again. Could even create a T2 variant that spools up faster (25% per cycle).

I would’ve just add capause to bastion module
Something like 900 GJ per activation (it’s important to be more then 800)

That’s -30 capasitor per second. Not much compared to active tank consumption but makes maradeurs vulnerable to neuts in any possible fit.

marauders finally useful outside of level 4s and people complain.

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