Where are the Daily extractors?

Where are the Daily Extractors csm ?
source: https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/new-alpha-training-option/

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dude relax the December skill changes haven’t even hit yet.

Havent hit the patch day and already crying over it.

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From what I can see, there won’t be any extractors - only injectors. Selling skillpoints for cash puts CCP on a slippery slope, I’d rather see a booster that lets Alphas train at Omega speed for 24 hours but suspect that required more development effort.

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I don’t see it being any different than a normal booster or the beginner implants they did.

The injector instantly delivers 50K skillpoints which can be applied or saved for later use. A booster allows them to earn SP at the normal Omega rate, which will vary depending on implants and attribute maps while training skills in their queue over 24 hours.

For the most part the difference is perceptual. With the injector, CCP is selling SP. With a booster they are selling the ability to earn SP over time through training. From a community relations perspective, I thing the booster is more palatable than an injector even though they accomplish the same result if you look at a 24 hour time slice.

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No response from a(ny) csm member yet, even though a devblog appeared and they are not gagged by nda now.

Let is be known that on this CSM watch, ccpgames introduced Loot skill point Boxes for $$$.

source: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/message/4583354/#post4583354

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ps: personally your collaboration disgusts me, and will not Vote again.

A) They’re not random
B) They’re literally just a days worth of sub SP, less than that in fact if your an optimised Omega.

It would have been better if they were a booster, but given the new December Alpha cap this is the only way to (in a practical way) allow you to train skills beyond the 5m cap without a sub. A booster would certainly have been a better way to do it from a feature parity standpoint, but it isn’t technically possible to accelerate a skill which you literally cannot train in the alpha state.

Bear in mind that these are locked by time (once per DT cycle) and alpha state, and are never more effective on a ISK/LP standpoint than Injectors. The only exception there is at 80m+ SP.

There are some concerns for sure, especially on people being able to ‘stockpile’ SP with them as unallocated SP > Skill training, and a few other things I’ve been actively discussing on Reddit, but this is effectively CCP selling subs in 1d packets as opposed to SP and I don’t think that’s particularly awful as long as they fix some of the abusable aspects of it.


Wait and you didn’t prepare a large gate camp for the csm minutes? Shame on you!

You should all be voted out for mis-representation and false claims. You can’t even pvp in more than easy mode. Every time CCP has some “idea” to gift-wrap skill points or purple fit titans for zee noobs, you should alpha them with many tornados and place a keepstar in each office with auto-doomsdays everyone with bad ideas.

this is intended for those alpha that have exceeded 5 m SP where there regular skill training STOPS …

so they cant really train faster than omega

Can I get my 5 billion isk per day when I log on too?

Since everyone is “equal” I wanna have the same isk as everyone else.

oh you better aim higher than that.

I just cant believe this post opened up as soon as they announced “we are doing this in dec” followed by someone “where are my skill injectors now!1!1!1?”

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The Answer to the start of this posting.

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