Where can I found content for newbie 2-5 player fleet?

Fanfest 2022 it was a big thing wasn’t it? A Coming Soon kind of big thing.

You want content, this is the most common, easily findable content in the game.

You’re a starving man, turning up your nose at all the food being offered to you.

Drop a bookmark here > https://www.ebwf-eve.online/npsicalendar

& head to discord here > F.U.N. INC [EBWF]

As has been indicated above - loads of content on there periodically you will never have to wait to long for a fleet - and all the FCs will always allow T1 variants etc.

Ofc - there is also Spectre Fleet too - likewise Bombers Bar.

Correction: I want PvE content.

I am a healthy man who want to try some veggies. I can’t find restaurant with affordable prices to eat greens and come to the guru place to ask for advice. And was sent to the steak house instead.

This is a PvP game. You’ve turned up your nose at most of the PvE content that’s available. Try something else. You might even like it.

Eve also has PvE theme parks, Abyssal dungeons etc, I have no problem with that and there should be more themeparks. Getting to and from them is not safe either, one still has to dock up and get items into a NPC hanger to be safe.

Eve is not just a PvP game. Non dungeon PvE themeparks are mission spaces and so forth, just more dangerous in the general population.

The fact we have to reiterate that to the CSM is shocking really. Shows their bias.

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I will type this slowly because I know you can’t read very fast.

This. Is. A. PvP. Game.

Yes, there is PvE. It’s not very good. It’s never been very good. The reason this game still exists 20 years later is not because people want to run the same level 2 missions over and over again. If you don’t accept this, you’re willfully deluding yourself.

When PvE gets boring, when you literally run through the entire list and can’t find anything you think is worthwhile for your group of 2-5 newbies, it’s time to get out of the PvE space and go PvP. That’s where you’ll find the content that’s both enjoyable, new every time, and competitive enough that it gets your adrenaline flowing.

This is why people stick with this game. Not abyssals.

The fact that I have to reiterate this to anybody, especially IT pedants like you, is unfortunate.


It’s both, you make it out like there is only one kind of content in Eve and it’s PvP only, that is pure falsehood.

It is a sandbox, with themparks included embedded or instanced.

Perhaps in 2003 it was just PvP, that era is over. Missions are PvE, just with different player risk levels being in the general space.

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I’ve never asked for your vote, nor do I want it. You are the absolute worst kind of poster here, and you waste my time constantly. Why I didn’t leave you blocked, I don’t know. Even when you’re saying things that are legitimate - like the ESI needs work - you do it in a way that’s so absurdly off-putting that it makes me want to tell CCP to keep the ESI the way it is just to piss you off.

OP said nothing in his original post about wanting PvE content. I never said that there is no PvE in this game. I answered his question, and you swoop in here with your pedantry, and I don’t have the patience for it.

This is a PvP game. Just like all the other PvP oriented MMOs out there, it does have PvE. But you will never get the best of this game if you don’t want to participate in PvP, and only the most obtuse people will argue otherwise.


24 hours. That’s all I ask. A day where you don’t pollute the forum with this trash.

Please for the love of god


Nobody is forcing you to read the posts or agree or disagree with them.

Criticism is hard, we know.

Some offtipoc posts have been removed. And I ask you all to stay on the topic of the post from now on.

Staying within the analogy:

You came to the steak house asking for veggies. There are veggies here, as a side dish to steak. But those veggies aren’t enough for you and you dislike the steak that comes with it.

Or in EVE terms:

You came to a PvP game asking for PvE, find that there is some PvE but mostly as a generator to get ships in space for PvP interactions. The PvE isn’t to your liking and you do not wish to get involved in the PvP that is present everywhere.

Are you at the wrong restaurant perhaps?

Can we please not do food anologies? Whatever you do, don’t mention coffee and cookies or ice cream k.

I was about to get some cookies on my way home, but your suggestion to also get ice cream is a good one. Thanks!

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Part of my childhood!!

Why would I run level 2 missions if there is another PvE content: Incursions, wormholes, Abyss, Exploration? Even PI can fit in PvE content. I asked about what can fit in middle ground between level two missions and Incursions. In another MMORPG Incursion would be raid dungeons, while I’m asking about casual five-people dungeon.

  1. PvP eat through ISK, especially so for low skill players (not characters)
  2. Not really rewarding for low skill players

Learning in game mechanics(like how warp works, server ticks, target lock time, ECM, net, bubbles and why buffer tanking Vexor with Bulkheads is a bad idea) is time and ISK hungry activity. Which I would take my friends in, but in safe from outside interference environment. Because getting ganked by 25 people will not teach them anything - you need to learn how to walk before trying to run.

Event sites and WH are good for that - you get at least warp disruptors on you and high alpha, but WH is not gank-proof, while event sites is temporary and too scarce.

Come try Pochven. Good combat, good isk. Its extremely dangerous but with the amount you CAN make if youre smart will easily replace ships and net a large profit. Hope to see you there.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

I’ll just quote EVE Online game description from https://www.eveonline.com/ and ask again: where is PvE content for newbies to pick from countless options?

EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMORPG where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options.

Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.

Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.