Where did the packs go?

I saw the starter and premium packs for sale on steam a few days ago and now they are gone, just wondering if they will be coming back.

Humble is no longer listing them for sale any more either.

Glad I bought when I did. :slight_smile:

These go on sale at least every 1-2 months, just give it a bit. Also note you can only use them once per account for the life of the account. And if you use a starter on an account you cannot use the premium and visa versa.

When I say they are gone from Humble, I don’t mean they are not on sale, I mean they are gone. In the past they have been sold constantly (but only on sale at certain times) now it says “EVE Online - Standard Pack is no longer available for purchase.” and redirects you to the main store front.

There is always Markee Dragon, he goes on sale as well often

Unless CCP has stopped offering them, which is the question, and could be indicated by both Steam and Humble not offering them.

Is there any reason why CCP would stop offering these packs?

The same reason to stop offering any sale? The packs, even at full price are a sale price of the normal price for the items. Maybe they are introducing new packs?

Who knows? All we know now, is that they are gone, from multiple stores, this isn’t what has happened before, and there has been no announcement.

Appears they have new packs now

The old premium pack had MTC as an individual (tradeable) item… is this the same for the MTCs included in these new packs (star or galaxy), too?

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