Where do I find stuff to do?

I’m a long time player, 10+ years on and off as my life and interest dictate. I’ve been a solo/small group player for the vast majority of my play time and have enjoyed the game for what it is. I am used to be largely out-numbered, I have to take huge risks to get kills and I am at the top of the list for the nerf bat that does not at all feel nerfy when it hits me to bolster the idiotic blue doughnut groups. It hits hard and fast, and only swings towards non-conventional players.

I want to actively hunt people. I honestly don’t care who they are, provided I have some sort of reasonable avenue to do it. I have been a wormhole hunter (solo/multi-box) for most of my career, but that career is dieing. I always figured that if my play dries up I would quit or join one of the power blocs and get my PVP that way.

So, my my play has dried up. I broke down and joined Goons, whom I assumed would have some serious outlets for PVP. I was wrong, it is a PVE circus, and they aren’t alone. All of the big blocs are functioning in this way to some degree or another. They get a bad rap, but they have a lot of good guys, but this huge PVE grind is not what I am after. Call me ignorant or naive, but I have always assumed that people don’t want to spend their time grinding isk for their overlords.

I honestly do not care about politics and do not at all want to be any part of one of these major player groups. I’ve never bothered with EVE politics or groups, I’ve played solo/small group for most of my career. I want to actively hunt and kill people, and currently I’m at a loss of where to do that besides the occasional explorer who wanderers into my WH when I’m actually logged on and watching.

So, where can I find some interesting content? I would appreciate any constructive advice. I’m not really interested in the usual BS, so don’t expect a reply if that is what you are laying down. I have adored this game for a long time and would love to adapt and find something fun to do.


League of legends is excellent pvp provider where everything is a matter of your skills and those 4 around you,always random and always unknown in terms who’s opposing you and the outcome.

Great carebear lands of null sec are there by design by CCP and their talk buddy’s CSM.
You can fly super duper capital ship and F1 like a pro,
In low sec you can do that to or move out the way,you can hunt some bots too dont over do it tho CCP won’t be pleased.
Or come to real sec where’s it all at and experience pro lvls of pvp where leet players show of their skills against unarmed ships.

If all those options are not sufficient,maybe take a break I am sure things will remain the same when you get back…rare perk of a stagnated game.

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What do you mean, they have factions for PvP… oh wait, guess not.

What do you mean, they have activity finder for PvP… oh wait guess not.

The devs are too busy building a Merry go Round to deal with you.

Would you like a pretty pink horse instead?




Faction warfare in Devoid and bleak lands. Kamela is a starting point, stuff going on in Tararan. EU early evenings seems to be the starting time.

Don’t even have to join, just enter a plex and wait a bit


Woe betide you! If only you had not …

… then you could have contributed to farming goons in 1DQ1 almost every day. But since you tainted yourself with this stain of vile, you may as well just unsub and leave. Or try farming Delve yourself on your own. There are lots of things to farm there, dangers to avoid and ridiculous things to witness.

Or go to Stain and from there into Esoteria and farm TEST. Or roam around Drone Lands. Or declare formal war on Goons and farm them in Jita.

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Unfortunately, it is the nature of people, once they have established their resource base, to seek to expand and secure that asset production so that risks are eliminated and the asset flow remains smooth, profitable and predictable.

CCP is doing that with their sub-paying base. Don’t rock the boat, cater to the biggest whales, find the people who are willing to pay and set up game mechanics so that those people are encouraged to pay for 2, 4, 10 even 20 accounts. They are milking a certain section of the player population, and as you say, those players are actually “grinding (RL) ISK for their overlords (CCP)”.

The nullsec alliances are doing the same thing in game. The botters and farmers are doing the same thing. They all want easy, steady, reliable resource flow, they are all engaged in groupthink - CCP talks to CSM which is Goonthink, and CSM says yes this is good do it, no this is bad don’t do it, and lo and behold, we end up with a ridiculously profitable, ridiculously safe Nullsec all the while they are patting each other on the back and yelling “HTFU! We are the PVP CHAMPIONS!”.

So, everyone in power is afraid to rock the boat and engender changes that would be exciting and healthy for the game. You are left with 3 options:

  • Find one of the increasingly small PvP niches that are viable in EVE today.
  • Join the masses and decide to grind for the overlords and participate in the occasional group-PvP bash.
  • Find a different game to play that offers more than 15 year old, tired, entrenched interests.

I would have really liked to say you have five option, which would have added:

  • Post some really good ideas on how to change things for the better on the forums for discussion


  • Go even more ‘lone wolf’ and start pi55ing in people’s cornflakes and highlighting just how broken some portions of the game are

but sadly, both these methods have proven to be completely ineffective at budging CCP or the CSM from their stance of ‘safety first, the spice must flow!’.


I’m in a similar boat, looking for something fun to do and reason to login (and do more than just update my orders). EvE became all about ISK, PvE, and maximum safety. Events got wrecked, CCP has no own vision (instead following the goon lobbyists), and wastes dev time on stuff outside the sandbox.

I think lowsec is the only place left, where you can find fun PvP, if you find the patience to search and wait for. Go for a solo roam in low, and see what happens.


Umm, you do know that space is huge, right?

Actively searching and working for PvP killmail pleasure is how it should be.

I know, that’s why I recommended lowsec. But I’ve done all of that. I’m looking for something new, which does not require to use alts …

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I too recently came back to Eve after a Christmas break, and DAMN it’s boring. I spent 3 hours scouting wormholes for targets, and only found a single Helios before it flew away. I got enough ISK and skill points to enjoy the game, so PVE is pointless. :frowning:

Here’s some “rules” that help fight the boredom

  1. stop being scared of dying, stop caring about one’s killboard

  2. stop flying ridiculously overpowered ships that have a really high chance of winning solo engagements. Because everyone KNOWS it’s OP so they will either avoid you or blob you

  3. stop flying cloaky ships, you want action not boredom.

  4. expensive ships are not somehow more fun/less boring than cheaper ships. Don’t fit stupid bling

  5. “yolo with a plan” is the strategy to follow: get in there, accept you’ll run into a 1000 man blob, hope it’s not and is just a 10 man gang. As you’re still cloaked make a plan of attack, target order, damage types etc. Accept and expect you’ll die, just try to challenge yourself about how many you can take with you.

The point is that you want YOU to be the main factor in regards to wins or losses, not an OP ship or your boring strategy ensuring a win.

Good ships for this idea:

  • MJD BC with scram and (double)web
  • MJD BS with scram, grappler and web

Get ship, set destination, go there, fight, die. Rinse repeat.

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You could always gank the CODE Carebears. They actually care about what goes on in Empire Space, and usually are stuck in their floating garbage barges. After all, who doesn’t like poking at dead festering corpse, especially one that lost its head after greeting CCP’s banhammer face first. LOL XD

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When did EVE require us to use alts?

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