Where do I write a complaint?

Where am I supposed to give feedback in regard to the game? Not somewhere I can moan to other players, somewhere I can actually write down my issue and have it reviewed by staff.

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If it is something you want to unsubscribe over, then there is an opportunity when you unsubscribe, to comment on why. That most likely is reviewed by sales/marketing though.

If not something you want to unsub about, or you are an alpha, you could always submit a support ticket and provide feedback there. The ticket will likely be closed since there is no real support to give, but that doesn’t mean it just stops there. The information will be passed on by the GMs.

However, I think you should post it here. This is a supportive community that will listen in a considered way and mega threads in the forum have impacted CCP decision making in the past.


All jokes aside, he’s right. Post it here.


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Do you need a cnt to wipe away those tears?



Try Cry & Pout

Pretty sure your supposed to take it over to the crime and punishment subthread…

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Thanks for your response.

I wouldn’t want to unsubscribe over it, I have been playing for over 13 years. I suppose you are correct I can voice it here.

So in short with Eve bringing in their version of SOMER Blink (not all of us have forgotten that although you waited) I have had a look around and played with it a bit. The concept is good.

What is not good is the complete oversight of whoever uses the calculator in the design team. One example would be a listing I saw earlier. “This HyperNet Offer has HyperNodes set at a low price compared to the market value of the item”. This give the impression it is a good deal, considering it has the green option and message, a neutral option, and an orange option - all based on price.

What doesn’t make sense is why they are trying to display that as a good deal, when it is still very very overpriced. An example would be an item listed which has an estimated value of 1.3b ISK and HyperNodes at 225m ISK each. The eight tickets combined total 1.8b ISK in value. The 5% fee knocks away 90m ISK and the HyperCores market cost takes away another 110m ISK.

This means that after fees, the item is still listed at over 300m more than it is worth. I don’t understand how you are classifying that as a good deal and worthy of the above message.

Compared to the general crowds you get within online games Eves users traditionally have not been stupid, so I would like to know how the entire design of this is justified. I had to sit and explain to my friend who I just got into the game that it was in fact a bad deal, and his argument was “why would they say that message then”.

To be clear, the idea of the HyperNet is GOOD, after all that’s why they stopped SOMER Blink doing it. What is not good is creating a deceptive design to increase ISK turnover and its use as a money sink and means of getting people to buy PLEX to spend in game on the HyperNet (all of which would be fine without the deception).

Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know your thoughts.


The Hypernet will never be able to offer a good deal. CCP has designed it so that they skim, idk, 10-15% off of every hypernet offer. That is about what you would expect somebody to pocket in a good, fair raffle. So now, once a player gets involved, they need to mark it up to a total of 30-50%, just to make it worthwhile. You should do what all the other players have learned to do - just ignore them. They are like Jita local.

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I don’t think they ‘need’ to do that. You can sell things through the HyperNet that you would struggle to locate a buyer for or you could make a small amount on top as opposed to hundreds of millions of ISK. Even if they do want to knock it up to 30-50%, why is this highlighted as a good offer. The criteria for a good offer should be a lower margin, as otherwise it holds no weight whatsoever and is a pointless message.

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Wait, what? If you struggle to find one buyer, how are you going to find 10-100 buyers for your raffle tickets? I am telling you, NONE of the hypernet offers are a good deal. Who cares what the system tells you is a good offer?


People bid on stuff they have absolutely no use for, so yes finding hundreds of potential buyers willing to put a fraction up front at a chance of winning something high value is easier than finding someone to buy something alone in some instances.

I care that the system tells you its a good deal, because its not, and we are paying for a service. I subscribe to Eve to be scammed by players, not CCP.

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I feel like giving you a high-five, Lucas. We agree on something!

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It tells you that it’s a good deal relative to other hypernet offers.

And yes, anyone who does a little math will figure out that on a long enough timeline, buying hypernet tickets is a losing proposition. I advise people not to buy hypernet relay tickets or gamble in real life, but they are free to gamble if they want. Hopefully they have fun and don’t take it too far.

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Thanks for the response. I don’t think it would have to be less than Jita for it to be a relatively good deal. Making an extra 50m on a 1.3b item, or even doing it equal to Jita price after costs, wouldn’t be so bad.
The message is not telling you it is cheap compared to other offers, it is telling you it is cheap compared to the value of the item.

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Here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us

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Yeah, people keep saying this, but if you look at the math, you’ll see that, on a long enough timeline, you’ll make more money by selling all of your tickets on your raffles. Like, you may get lucky on a raffle or two, but if you’re playing the long game, probability says that the smart money is on selling all of your tickets. Thus, the only time you should buy tickets is when you need to prevent the raffle from expiring.

Well, yeah. There is no such thing as luck -it’s make believe.

I don’t understand how this is relevant to what I thought we were talking about.



Hi Mike, I use crime and punishment here on this forum to write my complaints.